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BlackBerry News Feeds OTA Link to Download Without App World

BlackBerry News Feeds3For some reason RIM decided to exclude users outside of the US and Canada from downloading their latest BlackBerry News Feeds Beta app. I am not sure what the reasoning was for it but the brilliant engineers at RIM had to realize it would take about 5 minutes for a dedicated user to extract the files and repackage them for anybody in the world. Something tells me RIM has some legal excuse for limiting the News Feeds app but I guess nobody explained the practicality of BlackBerry application deployments to RIM’s crack legal squad.

PDM let us know that the internet forces have come into play and OTA links for BlackBerry News Feeds are popping up all over the place. You can find a pretty solid one at this link from BBOTA. Let us know if you spot more.

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  1. Thanks for the DL link but it doesn’t work for me. At first I was getting a password error and after trying a few times, my account has been locked now. RIM, I so hate you.

  2. D’loaded not allowing me to sign in, I’m outside of the US.

  3. Same here. Impossible to log in. It’s probably US only because of the terms and conditions.

  4. I can’t get pass that screen too! So annoying!

  5. So is the consensus that the downloads work but the app itself doesn’t work if run from outside the USA and Canada? If so, that brings up a question in my mind. Say I install something like this on my “world” Tour or Storm and then take a trip to say the Bahamas or Cancun or somewhere that isn’t 10 friggin degrees right now. Are my apps that are regionally limited (like this, or the new AmazonMP3 app that’s USA only, or whatever) going to all stop working when they see my data connection as being over some “foreign” carrier’s GSM network? Or even if I’m in some “foreign” company, my device will still be seen as a USA device and my region limited apps will still work?

  6. Well I’m in the States and I haven’t been able
    To sign-on successfully at all either!
    It is continously telling a password or
    Email error…… Go Figure!!

  7. I remember anticipating this app quite a bit, as a news junkie.. but I’ve gotten so used to getting quick updates from Twitter, I just don’t see the point in this anymore.. plus no Google reader integration makes it even less appealing!

  8. I could never get feeds to download from App World a few months ago. I had to go through my buddy Mybbota. Same with a few other apps. App World says not compatible, but installing OTA from another source always works.

  9. I managed to download this app fine and it seems to be working. Doesn’t seem to let me add feeds via certain categories, says something about not being able to download from server, but entering a URL works fine.

  10. I should add I am using a Curve 8520 on o2 OS 5

  11. @Nathan:
    I just this morning received an email that RIM would be doing some sort of upgrades on the “server” for BlackBerry News Feeds, and that it would be going down today and not coming back online until Wednesday evening. That may be the source of your troubles.

  12. Downloaded this morning on my 9780 (am in Italy) and works a treat thanks – do you happen to have an ota for the BB travel app too? I did have it backed up/upgraded OS and it disappeared 🙁 thanks in advance 🙂

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