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Giveaway: UbiNav Turn By Turn GPS Navigation – Win one of 20 Copies

This is a cool new navigation app from  Ubiest for BlackBerry called UbiNav. The services covers  the US, Canda, and Mexico. The app is available for most BlackBerry devices starting with the 8100 to the latest devices and includes 8 different languages.  The application includes a 15 day trial or you can purchase for $49.99 at this link. Note that the price range may vary from country to country.

App Description:

Turn your mobile device into a reliable GPS mapping solution with real-time turn by turn navigation on screen.

You may also listen the turn-by-turn vocal instructions and find whatever you need wherever you are. You can find, map,

navigate to, or simply call over 7 million businesses listed within the database (No more expensive directory calls!)

When driving with UbiNav you may switch between 2D, 3D and Overview map. Moreover, the navigator will provide you with

your time to arrival, distance to arrival and time of arrival.  In addition, a small pictogram icon will help you know

exactly which way to turn on complex intersections or which exit to take at a roundabout. UbiNav lets you interact with

your Facebook profile to provide friends and contacts with real-time information about your movements:

every time you start a navigation with UbiNav you can update your profile with information such as "I’m leaving now for

..."," My estimated time of arrival is ...", "I'm arriving at. ..".

You do not need to download upgrades or updates as UbiNav Navigation updates itself with latest maps every three months!

Furthermore UbiNav exploits BlackBerry internet service (BIS), with no extra charges to your account’s billing.

For one year subscription, you may choose Canada, Mexico or United States of America to navigate and a choice of 8 languages.

 With it’s dynamic menu interface the application is easy and intuitive. UbiNav compatibility list now includes even non-GPS

BlackBerry smartphones: just connect a GPS receiver via Bluetooth and navigate with UbiNav!

Features include:

  • Carousel menu
  • Turn by turn instructions
  • A Million of business entries and POI database
  • Map, find and navigate to businesses
  • 3D maps and 2D available also
  • Map overview
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Sovensko, Greek, German and a few other languages

Contest: The developers sponsored a giveaway of 20 copies for our readers, since the application is only available for North America the contest is limited to those areas where it will work (Canada,

Mexico, United States). Please leave us a comment or your thoughts on this application for a chance to win a free copy. Entries must be left before Tuesday December 14.

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  1. This looks really excellent. I have been looking for something like this for Blackberry for a long time.


  2. I really have needed this forever!! Please help me

  3. This is one of the best gps apps. I used the trial for my w/e in nyc. It was always on point.

  4. LOVE IT!

  5. I would really like to finally win a contest !

  6. This is the next step when you have a GPS enabled device. The turn by turn instructions alone are worth having this app.

  7. looks nice would like to have this since my gps is no more.

  8. Apparently all my posts on my original account aren’t actually working…

    Very interested in trying this out the Torch, looks great

  9. I need a turn by turn gps

  10. This looks like it would be a great addition to my BlackBerry Torch, please pick me :)

  11. I would love to try this product out

  12. Looks very useful!!! just moved to a new state… this would be really really useful especially when i hate askin someone for directions!! please pick me!!

  13. Sounds like a really cool app to have, especially if you don’t have another GPS unit.

  14. I’m down, I can finally ultilize my bb torches large screen. Like this cross my fingers. Ty ty ty BRi

  15. Great to have

  16. Count me in!

  17. I would love this app!! I wouldnt need anything else as far as GPS goes..

    Come on Berry Review! Pick Me!

  18. This looks good as ever. Had to pay my provider for 1 month $10 of telenav for getting lost one time. This would be a fantastic save for the future. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. I want one please….

  20. If this can replicate even the basic functions of a TomTom or Garmin, this would be the perfect GPS application for when I travel as I can then leave my TomTom at home.

  21. Nice to see a new gps turn by turn app. Love to win a copy as my whole family will be traveling the roads to New Brunswick. What a great time to win and try something New. Good luck everyone. Wishing the whole staff and readers of Berryreview a Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!

  22. Looks stunning and useful; count me in!

  23. Never get lost again! Would like a copy on by BB.

  24. Would love to get a copy of this. Sounds awesome and beats the native app as well as google maps too.

  25. Ooo yeah, I could use this while hitchhiking!

  26. This application is awesome! I’d like to win a copy for my BB!

  27. Very generous offer by the vendor. Truly in the holiday spirit.

    Thank you.

  28. The only thing lacking from my blackberry is turn by turn navigation.

    My fingers are crossed…

  29. YaY I won 😀

  30. I would love to get an app like this with voice nav! I don’t own a standalone GPS and it
    doesn’t look like Google is in any hurry to add voice to their map app on non-Android devices.
    Winning this would be a great Christmas surprise.

  31. finally something that looks better than google maps

  32. The 3D option looks interesting. Would love to try this out.

  33. being that i travel everyday for work and i hate the sprint navi that comes with my BOLD. this would be perfect for me… what a great xmas gift this would be LOL………thanks fellas……what a great idea

  34. I travel a lot for work. This sounds like an app I could really get some use out of.

  35. This looks SO Cool! I NEVER win anything… Maybe my luck will change!?!?

  36. This would be a great early Christmas present if I win. I have been dying to find a turn by turn GPS software package for my Bold 9700.

  37. Haha. I am insufferable when it comes to directions. I would get out of the car to ask but I am so bad, short of hijacking the gas station attendant for a short ride (illegal without boss’s consent), he would have to give me a turn-by-turn account. Wait, that sounds like a GPS! I think having a complete GPS (not Google Maps) on the Blackberry is a great idea. You’ll never forget either one because forgetting one means you’ve forgotten the other. And in my case, much much gas would be saved. Mostly a win for Mother Earth, with a consolation prize for my shattered ego.

  38. Would love to win a copy.

  39. I would like to have a copy of this

  40. This looks like an excellent program. I would love a copy.

  41. Would love to have a copy of this.
    Looks great – they should re-word the thing about the subscription though because until I followed the link to AppWorld I thought they meant we would have to choose 1 of the 3 North American countries for navigation maps subscription which would just be silly. I live in Toronto but drive in the USA often enough that I would want to have both countries available…the wording (to me) was confusing, “For one year subscription, you may choose Canada, Mexico or United States of America to navigate”, am I the only one who sees that?

  42. I would definitely use this

  43. This is exactly what I have been looking for and want really bad. Thank u

  44. Finally!

  45. Real GPS functionality on my Blackberry would be so very cool. Pic me pic me pic me.

  46. Hey you guys, if you update your 9700 to OS 6 you can used telenav 6.0. It looks awsome on the 9700

  47. Sprint Navigation has been unkind to me. Turn x turn! Turn x turn!

  48. Sounds like a great app. I, like most people travel alone most of the time. Looking down at Google Maps can be tricky while you are driving.

  49. Don’t let printed directions drive me crazy. UbiNav me please. I was away on vacation last week, wishing I had brought my GPS. That would not be an issue if I had a copy of UbiNav on my blackberry, which never leaves my side.

  50. Wow! I drive a lot & can totally use this app.

  51. i would like to add this since im gonna be doing a lot of traveling starting next year ….. also would make for a good present (: thanks guys

  52. This would be an ideal app for my new 9800 and would fit very well in my life xx

  53. I can you use this app.

  54. Would love a navi program that works well in OS6

  55. we definitely need more navi for cellphones so that the price can come down. Also competition will lead to better apps. I like this one, it’s the best so far.

  56. perchè solo nord america? >.<

  57. This would be interesting to test and compare against TeleNav 5.

  58. I really hope I win, I need a GPS bad

  59. I cancelled my TeleNav account. This would be a fantastic addition to my ‘Berry. Count me in!

  60. This looks like a really great app with great controls and graphics! Would love to have this on my blackberry. Please let me win!

  61. looks like a great app love to have it.

  62. Wow this looks awesome. I would love to win a copy of this. I have to travel alot for work and this would come in handy.

  63. This looks neat! Self-updating and no additional billing charges?! Have mercy…am I dreaming? If I am. don’t wake me up! Can I have one please?

  64. Turn by Turn, count me in!

  65. This looks like a great application. I like telenav, but I’m not paying monthly. Somebody has to come out with a great gps application we can all use.

  66. this gps application look very interesting. im interested in trying it out, from what i can see. it looks like a tom tom navigator. great! well count me in. good luck to all who entered the contest.

  67. Compared to Google maps, Blackberry maps, and Telmap, this really sounds the business. I’d love a copy!

  68. I am in. I sleep drink eat BlackBerry :) Give life to BlackBerry and BlackBerry will survive no matter what happens :)

    Best of Luck! Count me in!

  69. I’d love to win a copy of this app! Heard great things and trying the trail out right now. Hope to win a full copy!

  70. Wow – how long have we been waiting for this? This has been one of the things missing from a blackberry for so long! As the guy in my company on charge of testing and recommending blackberry apps for all of our professionals, I’d love to have a chance to take this software for a good test run. This way, if it performs as I think it should, I will take steps to recommend it’s roll out and purchase of licences.

  71. This looks like a great middle ground between a $200+ hardware GPS and the $10/month AT&T Navigator ripoff. At $50 (I’m assuming for an annual subscription) it’s a lot more palatable, and I’d love to have an opportunity to try it out for a year. Great contest idea!

  72. count me in! Happy holidays

  73. count me in! this would be an excellent win for me. Traveling soon, so it’d be great!

  74. This is great. I could really use this.

  75. I’d like to win this.

  76. Very usefull app, i would love to have a copy.

  77. I’d love to be chosen for a copy of this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  78. thanks guys. good luck to everybody!

  79. would luv have a copy of this…..

  80. It’s nice to see development in this area. But I bet they’re praying hard that Google doesn’t decide to add turn-by-turn to its BB Google Maps like they did for Android.

  81. turn by turn by turn by turn by turn

  82. Since I’m tired of paying VZW of Navigator, this would be greatly appreciated and used!

  83. This app would make navigating much safer for me because I would normally be trying to watch a google maps screen and the road at the same time. Thanks for the contest!

  84. This is great! Thanks for the contest.

  85. Count me in!!

  86. I love free stuff…. and free navi? grrrrr

  87. Count me in. Sounds like a great alternative to the Garmin one.

  88. Ahhh I hope i’ll win! would be great for travelling, especially for the winter break!

  89. I have tried many nav apps over the years. 3D view is especially important on a phone. These apps need a 3D interface. Google Maps, while good, does not give a 3D view except on Android devices. Absent the obvious marketing ploy to sell Android handsets from Google, I would love a free copy of this to compare during this holiday season with Google, and several other offering out there.

  90. I would love to win a copy since I’m traveling over break. Pick me! ^_______^

  91. Pick me, pick me!

  92. This looks like an app that would be very useful to me.

  93. Looking forward to win a copy – this 3D map thing would be great!

  94. Never get lost again! Would love a copy for BB.

  95. Does it have voice turn by turn directions?

    Can u store maps on the memory card so it could work with limited cell phone service?

  96. nice contest, I’m in.

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