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Review: BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300


Web Site:

Price: $49.99 (Sold at Blackberry Accessories Store)

Couple of weeks ago we have received the Blackberry HS-300 Wireless Headset from RIM for testing. This is an extremely lightweight headset with great features.

Included in the box are:

* 4 Ear pieces
* 1 Ear hook
* BlackBerry® Micro-USB Cable
* BlackBerry® Power Plug
* User Guide

In comparison to HS-700 we have reviewed earlier this year, there is an ear hook missing plus the cushioned ear gel. However, neither is a critical omission. The headset is small and light, you can use it for prolonged time without even noticing it. Also it provides a rapid charging solution, with 15 minutes of charging you get 2 hours of usage. This is great, especially if you forgot to charge it and you are in a hurry. Though the unit is very small, it is on par with its bigger brother HS-700, it provides 4 hours of talk time with full charge. The full featureset includes:

* Bluetooth® 2.1 for simplified pairing
* Bluetooth® HFP Bluetooth profile

* Dedicated on/off switch
* 4 hours of talk time with a full charge
* 2 hours of talk time with a 15-minute charge
* Micro-USB standard connection
* BlackBerry® Micro-USB Charger included

Other features:
* Audible voice prompts
* Automatic volume control
* English language support only

The headset is easy to use. You simply tap or tap and hold the button (the button is on the outside, under the BB logo) various times to interact with it. You can make calls, answer a second call, mute, join two calls, etc. These are well explained in the user guide. Unlike HS-700, it does not have any built-in voice commands, it relies on Blackberry’s Voice Command application.

When you have the headset paired with your Blackberry device and turn it on, you will first hear “Hello”. This let’s you know the headset is on. Then you will hear “Connected” if the connection to your Blackberry was successful. To me, the voice level is a little lower than the HS-700, but it wasn’t too bad. The voice prompts also guide you when you mute, if a call has ended, if your connection to Blackberry is severed, etc.

The call quality was great throughout my usage. I tried it in various locations, including a mall, office, on the road. Each time, the voice was crisp and clear and according to the other end of the call, my voice was clear as well.

Overall it is a great entry level device with a great price. I also loved the weight and rapid charging. Here is some more pictures to show you how small the headset is:


* Lightweight
* Rapid charging in 15 minutes
* Great voice quality


* I don’t know if you’d call it a con, but it is so small, I am afraid I am going to lose it.
* Cheap feeling plastic construction.

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  1. Small pro: extra charger for the BlackBerry. 🙂

  2. I wish they had included a pass-through cable dongle, so you could charge both your BB and this from one charger.

    • One Igo charger, two microUSB tips and a Y cable from Igo works great for me 🙂

      • Right of course. There’s always 3rd party solutions. I just wish RIM marketed in a more consolidated manner. They hope people will buy their headsets to use with their phones. Why not make it easier, so customers don’t need to go elsewhere for solutions. Happier customers in the end build brand loyalty. Look at how Apple’s products tend to integrate together more seemlessly. Wouldn’t be so hard from RIM to put in just a BIT more effort.

  3. What a novel idea– an actual on-off switch! I bought my dad one of the newer earsets and he kept complaining how it worked only occasionally. It turns out, as with most units without switches, you have to actually wear the thing and listen for an on/off tone just to know it’s on or off. Don’t ask me what the ‘official’ planetary on/off tone is, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Haha.

  4. how do I know my “blackberry wireless headset hs-300” is fully charged? is it “steady green light”
    and my second question is after so many times we keep charging(months of using) does it become obsolete because the battery finishes its life?

  5. nice review, looks like a quality headsest.. not my style though.. i prefer just using my sony dr-bt50’s for music and calls!

  6. Very nice headset. I love the rapid charge on it. Can’t beat 15 min

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