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Mike Lazaridis Dances Around Questions on BlackBerry Future

dmobile Mike LazaridisMy head was spinning in circles while reading through the Engadget live blog of Mike Lazaridis on stage at Dive Into Mobile yesterday. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher really threw some hardball questions to Mike but what I found interesting was the evasive answers Lazaridis came up with. Its like he is answering a different question. It could be that Engadget is missing some of the context but they couldn’t make up some of this stuff. Here are a few examples:

Walt: You’re going to keep moving the platform forward on phones?
Mike: When we have multicore processing on phones, we’ll be using the PlayBook platform.

Walt: So this is going to migrate into BlackBerry OS?
Mike: We’ve been seeing the future as a true mobile computing world. But we were always constrained by the tech. By the CPUs, power consumption. We worked within those limits to provide a great experience. It’s made us the largest company in Canada.

What scares me is that Mike’s answers seem to hint to the fact that BlackBerry 6 will be around for awhile. I am really hoping that Mike is just sticking to the company line and not admitting that BlackBerry 6 is just a half baked stop-gap measure until they can get an OS based on QNX on a BlackBerry phone.

Read the live blog at this link and let us know what you think!

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  1. I hope that’s not the case. BlackBerry 6 is just a prettier 5 if you ask me. Yes it’s stable and workable, but they need to update the OS, it’s dated. Hopefully, QNX will bring the platform that we need.

  2. well guys,
    i for one think that OS6 was put out to kind of put a blanket over our eyes, to give them time to prepare for the QNX OS, but your right about one thing. I was watching the live blog on another site and mike wasnt answering the question that we’re given to him. and dont get me wrong, i love my 9650 with OS6. I certainly wouldnt get an iphone like some people cry about, But being left in the dark about where BB is going is sort of nerve racking. I will absolutely stick with BB cause i love rooting for the underdog LOL…..but sticking with them for how long??…bot too sure!!!!……I for one think when BB get there sh!t together and get there QNX into smartphones and better spec…..I think BB is gonna back on top. But i dont see that happening anytime in the near future. I think its gonna be along time before you see that happen. But i’m not going anywhere. You hear all these guys crying “ohh screw thi, im going to android”…..”screw this im going to Iphone”, and then they go on CB and announce it…..Well you know what, SEE YA LATA…..because in time BB is gonna bounce back with an impressive line of products and everyone who jump ship is gonna be biting there tounges………..

    • Well that’s one thing I like about BerryReview. Ronen, Luis and the others talk about the goods and bads of Blackberry. They know when something isn’t what it should’ve been (i.e Surepress) .Crackberry won’t because they are linked with RIM (if not funded by them)and link with those other sites that have all the fan boys. AndroidCentral, PreCentral, Tipb, etc. They are all enter mingled and those guys crying are easily influenced by what those sites say. Quite sad actually.

      • see nowi was wondering that about CB, if they we’re in cahoots with RIM…..seriously as soon as i go on my PC the first thing i go to now is BR instead of Cb…….first of all i love CB, but its seem like there are more and more “know it alls” on there and they just wanna bash you when you ask a BB 101 question. I means jesus christ, thats why that website was developed. So that when someone had a problem they just needed to go to instead of going to there local carrier store. I refuse to post anything on CB because of that. I mean i dont want to sound like a cry baby or anyting, but i’m not the only one. But it does seem like CB focuses on the good and they wont post or say anything about RIM’s current ranking in the market. Jusst keep these articles coming guys………..Please LOL

      • I cannot comment on other sites though we always welcome the community. We just try to call things how they are. We try not to be blinded by fanboy-ism. If we like/love something we say it with pride. If we think RIM is doing something wrong we will call them on it. If we just cheered them on then we would be a party to it.
        My big issue right now is that most BlackBerry users have no idea what RIM has in store for them in 2011 beyond the PlayBook. I really hope RIM has something else other than BlackBerry 6 otherwise it is going to be a very long year…
        Still all Mike said was that QNX on phones is waiting for multicore mobile CPU’s. Well those are already available. 🙂

  3. No, and Ronen i would never expect you or anyone one from your team to comment on any other site what so ever. it seems to us users lik we are being blinded from what to expect in the near future…..thats why i log onto here first now. Its kinda sad, but i still love the other sites. We just want the truth, thats all…..

  4. Didn’t you saw how wrong the interview at engadget was transcribed?

    Engadget was full of shit man… he didn’t say that.. he even stated that they were already working on dual core phones!

  5. Really? Well I did read the transcript from engadget and one other. But I didn’t hear anything about him saying that they were Leeady testing with dual core. Some one else said that engadget was full of it too

    • Ok my friend.. you got it

      go to 1:45
      He says that Playbook is for multicore systems and he adds
      MIKE: “We are working on a lot of multicore products, includying smartphones”…

      This is the main message of that interview.. that message will not be spread into the consumer world.. but I bet apple and google are listening very well as well as I bet they are doing the same… the message is clear.. is not.. when someone “invent” the dual core processor for phones… no.. the message is.. we are working on dual core smartphones,… to bring QNX to the game… once they do that… I cant even imagine… wait for CES 2011.

      • There are already dual core processors available for smartphones. TI has one and Marvel has one and device makers are building devices with them now. The thing is that I don’t understand why RIM requires Dual Cores for QNX? If anything some of the old BlackBerry 75XX models had dual cores. Maybe we can put QNX on them? Single core 1Ghz processors already kill current gen batteries for both Android and iPhone. Dual core ones will do almost twice the battery damage. Waiting for them to be power efficient like RIM likes them will be sometime in 2015…

        In short. What the hell are they waiting for and what does dual cores have to do with the price of tea in china. Dual cores are already available on processors so if that is the stumbling block it is already solved.

        Here is a Qualcomm dual core processor already shipped:

  6. I read Mike’s comments differently. Mike is talking about multicore functionality. I think we will see QNX on BlackBerry 7 within the next 12 months, but we won’t see multicore functionality on a smartphone any time soon.

    RIM knows that BlackBerry 6 is mostly a cosmetic fix to the aging BB OS, so they won’t wait long to push QNX onto their smartphones. I think that was the original goal but it was easier to bring QNX to the PlayBook so this was done to bridge the gap and pave the way for the future.

    On the RIM rant issue, Ronen often does rant and with good, constructive reason! CB does too, as they did with BlackBerry 6 and the Torch; perhaps Ronen and the BR crew are more vocal about their gripes 🙂 I think the CB crew aren’t trying to be too negative in light of their relationships with the associated Android and iPhone sites.

    Note that RIM does need to hold their cards close to their chests. They are battling some behemoths in Apple, Google, and Microsoft. I think we can all see the writing on the wall, and if RIM has any choice they would release BB 7 in the summer along with a series of BB7 devices from June to December. I think the path ahead for RIM is pretty clear — they just haven’t spelled it out.

  7. well u know what guys, thats my bad if i read the transcript sumwhere and it wound up being wrong, and then i bashed RIm……but i can see what u guys are sayig about them already probably having dual-core processors and what not. i guess we’ll never know unless someone leaks something, because of how RIM is so tight nipped about leaks now……..

  8. If QNX on a smartphone REQUIRES a dual core processor, RIM is seriously bloating it. QNX has been running in automotive applications for several years yeah with essentially unlimited electrical supply but NOT dual core processors…

    Can RIM really be THIS out of touch with where the market is trending?

  9. Maybe Mike leaked the 3 new phones today!

  10. I hope Rim will speed thing’s up they need to get new phone’s to market faster. Nokia is going with Window’s 7 & the Droid’s are coming out with new hardware monthy plus Rim’s hardware & software is dated. I like Blackberry’s but the Browser on OS 6 still suck’s compared to Android’s & window’s 7 will wipe there butt to.

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