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Mike Lazaridis: “BlackBerry OS is About Multicore” Along With Multiple PlayBook Sizes

dmobile Mike Lazaridis2 John pointed out to us that AllThinksD has also posted a live blog of their interview with Mike Lazaridis yesterday afternoon. The conversation seems to be the same as what we mentioned from the Endgadget live blog and they are just as confused with Mike’s evasive answers. Still there were three points I found that were interesting:

  • According to Lazaridis the 7” size might not be exclusive. Mike said “We’ve got different sizes potentially coming”
  • The PlayBook QNX OS will only be coming to BlackBerrys once they have multicore processors
  • Mike has to tap dance to avoid answering the question every BlackBerry user is asking. We love the PlayBook but what is the future of the BlackBerry PHONE? You know that thing that made you the best smartPHONE maker?

I think that last point is key. Every hardcore BlackBerry user is wondering what RIM has in store for their next phones. This is a huge black hole currently and all RIM wants to talk about is Tablets. Walt and Kara were trying to pin Mike on BlackBerry Phones (RIM’s core business) and most of what Mike had to say is about the PlayBook. The thing is that the PlayBook is a companion to a BlackBerry phone so we obviously care about the phone more than the companion tablet…

You really should read the whole interview over at this link but here is the one question and answer that continues to bother me:

Can you update us on BlackBerry 6 OS in the market, and how are you doing at attracting developers?

Mike: BlackBerry 6 available on the Torch, the Bold, coming soon to Curves. “It really is the foundation of us going forward on the BlackBerry.”

I really hope the BlackBerry 6 OS is not the foundation… Ask any BlackBerry user and and you will be hard pressed to find one who tells you differently. I admit that I am loving BlackBerry 6 when compared the OS 5.0 but the limitations are killing me. How much longer will we be dealing with limitations like 2MB applications that cant be great because they need to be so small?

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  1. As an developer, I believe the OS “7” will be there soon. OS 6 looks like Windows Vista and it’s not what I am expecting. The one after OS 6 should be entirely different and could be better as 10 or 100 times compare to OS 6.

    We need something so damn STRONG, STABLE as a core. The rest of the story is just about what we can plug into the core if and when we want to. 🙂 That’s QNX. It can do everything I hope.

    In fact, the classic BlackBerry OS can’t bring you a bigger resolution or screen, Multicore processors, HD stuff… but iphone can, android can…

  2. Yeah, having the core stability is essential. But then give us some pizazz. Look at Android tabs for example. The Galaxy tab just hit, and the lead guy goes and pulls out another without any outer lying buttons yesterday. Fully working! One that hasn’t been seen or rumored. Surely RIM has things like this out there.

  3. I think rim is busy working on new concepts the fact that they are buying companies to compete shows thy have woken up and realized they have fallen behind in some areas. I can’t wait to get me a PlayBook and whatever the next BlackBerry brings

    • I agree with your PlayBook comment. But devices haven’t been inspiring. The Torch should’ve been out as the Storm. So to keep adding stock like new Curves and Bolds really bums me out. Bring something that won’t be carrier exclusive (which if you ask me kills a phones popularity and accessibility)

  4. What’s sad is that the BlackBerry smartphones we have today are 2+ year old hardware designs. You seriously have to be concerned (if you’re a BlackBerry junkie) there’s NOTHING NEW in the smartphone pipeline they can even hint about.

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