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Drive Safe with HandsFree App Automatically Answers Calls

Drive Safe with HandsFree Scarcer let us know about their app Drive Safe with HandsFree that provides some extra features for hardcore hands free headset users. The app attempts to solve the problem of automatically answering calls when you are on your headset or hands free solution.

If you have a headset the app will automatically answer the call after a certain number of rings and put it on your headset. If you don’t have a headset it can automatically answer and activate the speakerphone. Drive Safe with HandsFree includes the following features:

  • Automatic call answering
  • Calls placed on loudspeaker to provide a simple and effective hands free solution
  • Bluetooth/Wired headset support
  • Automatic answer timeout; specify the time you want automatic answering to stop
  • Dynamic application / message list icons
  • Adjustable ring time
  • Adjustable text size
  • The ability to enable/disable automatic answer if your BlackBerry® is in a holster
  • The ability to only automatically answer if a Bluetooth/wired headset is connected

Just to give you an example of one of the uses for the app Scarcer let us know that some of their users ride motorcycles using a headset built into their helmet. (James Bond style) They wanted to be able to automatically answer the call when their Bluetooth headset is turned on without having to push the button on the side of their helmet. Personally I don’t think motorcyclists should be talking on the phone while riding but people do crazy things.

If you have a need for Drive Safe with HandsFree you can pick it up in App World for a reasonable $3.99.

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  1. Oh, I can think of some unintended uses for this app. I can leave my phone on silent somewhere, walk away, call my phone from another phone and let it auto-answer to speaker for a little eavesdropping session on the entire room. Dangerous! Muahahahaha.

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