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AT&T Takes Last Place in Consumer Reports Carrier Ratings

Consumer Reports Carrier Rankings 2010

AT&T took a huge hit this month with a vote of no confidence from Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports gave AT&T the lowest rating in national carriers based on a survey from its members. Even after all of their publicized network upgrades they moved from second to last in 2009 to last place this year. The Houston Chronicle points out that Consumer Reports even calls out AT&T on the cover of the magazine as:

Best & worst providers
(Sorry, AT&T)

AT&T scored the worse possible score across the board in the ratings you see above in everything but texting which was tied with T-Mobile. AT&T responded to the ratings with the following:

We take this seriously and we continually look for new ways to improve the customer experience. The fact is wireless customers have choices and a record number of them chose AT&T in the third quarter, significantly more than our competitors. Hard data from independent drive tests confirms AT&T has the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network with our nearest competitor 20 percent slower on average nationwide and our largest competitor 60 percent slower on average nationwide.  And, our dropped call rate is within 1/10 of a percent – the equivalent of just one call in a thousand – of the industry leader.   

In short it looks like they are not very happy being ranked last. I am an AT&T customer myself and while their service leaves me wanting I would not really consider it the worst… What do you think?

via Houston Chronicle via SlashGear

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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Woohoo US Cellular

  2. If ya’ll remember that article about the billions of dollars ATT spent, the areas where they spent the most (Texas) are getting it’s blessing (does the word Dallas mean anything to ya?) which is where I live.
    Other areas like NY and CA are not so fortunate and honestly when I went there, the signal was way way sub par…
    It really depends on where you live your satisfaction will vary…

  3. Well, when it comes to cell providers, they all suck, just which one sucks least.

  4. I’m surprised that Verizon scored that high on value and that T-Mobile scored that low on value back in 2009. When I was researching for a new cell carrier, Verizon was pretty expensive compared to Sprint or T-Mobile if you selected a similar voice/data plan. (2010 is a different story though now that Verizon’s got some new pricing.)

  5. I had AT&T for over 10 years. I’d love to see the regional breakdown as well as phone breakdown of the poll. I find it hard to believe that T-Mobile beat out AT&T. Its been my observance that if I know someone who has poor service they’re usually on T-Mobile (in the NYC area to clarify). I generally have decent service. I’ve never had a problem with customer service or SMS. I think unfortunately this is a report on customer perception, not necessarily actuality. Certain carriers based on what phones they carry have different types of phones users and tech experience. I believe this has a lot to do with the users perception of service.

  6. I think Consumer Reports rankings in these categories probably don’t mesh well with how we techno geeks would rate things. Who’s to say which way is more accurate? CR HAS been in this business for an awful long time, and their rankings are pretty closely aligned with the other big ranking service (JD Power).

  7. consumer reports reports shoudl be taken with a grain of salt… would i trust most “consumers” with making my decision on tech things? hell no!

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