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Free Telicost App Monitors Voice Data and SMS Usage

There have been quite a few voice and data monitoring apps over the years but none have stuck around for long. The latest is Telicost which claims to measure and provide alerts and alarms for your data, voice, and SMS usage. I am not sure how they monitor data usage since RIM butchered the API that provides those specific details in OS 5 but maybe they found a way around that.

Telicost2 Telicost

The Telicost app is totally free so it wont cost you a penny to give it a spin. The app also integrates with their Intelicost enterprise server which can consolidate and report on all corporate devices from one place.

Reviews of the app seem to be mixed but all in all I have found it to be pretty good so far at least for minutes and SMS usage. Check out Telicost at this link in App World and let us know what you think of the app!

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  1. If I reallllllly want to check estimated SMS, data, voice, and roaming data, I use PageOnce, which is linked to my carrier account. But, because I have unlimited data and SMS, I only check voice usage every once in a while by dialing *4 (Sprint, and I forget what it was for T-Mobile).

    From quite a few of the reviews, it sounds like Telicost can be a pain to set up if you have special add-ons for your plan.

  2. Guess it might come in handy for some, but I have unlimited Data/SMS & Mins w/T-Mobile.

  3. I’ve tryed it for a month. it’s good but I had to remove it because has slowed my storm2

  4. I have 5GB on both of my BlackBerry smartphones and unless I were to do some serious tethering there’s not a snowball’s chance I could get close to that in a month. And like you said Ronen, since the API for getting data usage information is hosed, it’s hard to believe this app could tell you with any accuracy anyway.

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