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fgVOIP Releases Wi-Fi SIP VoIP Client For BlackBerry

fgVOIP BlackBerry After a dry spell that lasted years we are finally seeing more and more BlackBerry VoIP clients. The latest is called fgVOIP from fg microtec. They promised to release a VoIP app back in May so I am glad it finally came to fruition. My guess is that they ran into the brick wall from RIM in terms of help with developing a VoIP client. RIM does not make it easy for developers to do this (my guess is to push their BES MVS solution) which is why there are lots of compromises in the current VoIP clients.

Well now we have another VoIP client in fgVOIP which allows users to make and receive VoIP calls on all BlackBerry OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices via SIP providers and PBXs. I am not sure why they skipped OS 6 but hopefully support will come soon. I am also wondering what the “high quality, low-delay VoIP calls via SIP” will sound like since any delay is annoying on phone calls.

The app has a built in Click2Dial feature letting you make VoIP calls automatically. Whey you make a call through the phone when you are connected to Wi-Fi then the call will automatically be routed over VoIP without you doing anything. You can also choose to enable or disable VoIP calls for specific numbers through an exclusion list.

You can download fgVOIP for BlackBerry as a free trial at after which the app costs $39.37.

My favorite part about the fgVOIP press release is the quote from Robert Mirbaha, CEO of fg microtec:

“It’s hard to make a usable VoIP client for BlackBerry and we have seen others try different ways to tackle the problem – none of those alternatives offers a satisfactory experience for the user. The work we did launching the first VoIP SDK for Blackberry in April 2010 enabled us to create a reliable and easy-to-use VoIP client for BlackBerry that supports SIP with any PBX or VoIP service”

fgVOIP can also be configured to work with many SIP providers (e.g. Vonage, InPhonex, Cloudnet,  sipgate and Localphone) according to the developers. You can watch a video of the app using a Asterisk PBX below:

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  1. I wonder if we will ever see true “VoIP for the masses”? Here’s to hoping the QNX core makes that more accessible for developers. A PlayBook with BT headset and wifi, with a VoIP client? Rock on!

  2. this works on 3g for me, but not on wifi – but i really don’t care as i have an unlimited data connection. and the price of this software has been reduced to just 14 euros or 19 usd. so get it now folks. i’m using it with a localphone account and it works fine.

  3. I had the similiar problem and finally I found solution:

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