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Sizing up the competition; The Physics in Favor of a 7 inch Tablet

Sizing up the competition; The Physics in Favor of a 7 inch Tablet

Mr. Obvious: Apple iPad
The new kid: Samsung Galaxy Tab
On the horizon: Blackberry Playbook

Apple’s iPad is fun, but it’s definitely not designed to be mobile. Its huge and fragile. But new smaller tablets are designed with a different user in mind, the mobile user; people who want to be productive on the go. In this post–my first all slideshow piece–we are going to analyze size what size is best for the mobile warrior–what is the best size for your pocket and what is the optimal size for your hands?

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  1. I always get a chuckle at the Apple ads that show someone holding an iPad with a thumb and figure by just the corner. Yeah, go try THAT for more than 30 seconds.

    We all know el Jobs-o thinks 7″ is too small, and sure, I’d say that too if I’d made the decision that I was going to go to market with a 10″ tablet. Though you don’t come right out and say so David, I think the implication is clear that a 7″ tablet is going to be FAR better for the person on the go than a 10″ tablet will be. I concur.

  2. I have to totally disagree. I have an iPad and am an avid bb user, also I am looking forward to the playbook big time.

    However, after using the tab for 3 days I can say there is really no need for that size device for me. The ipad is much better size wise for pretty much everything. 7 is just too small except for what I’d use my bb for, the iPad replaces the need for a laptop 90% of the time for me now. Much better form factor.

  3. I’ll admit it…I hate Apple. I hate the iPhone. I hate the MacBook Pro. I wouldn’t use iTunes if you paid the charges for me. With that in mind, until I have a chance to use a Playbook, I have been thinking that 7″ is a tad too small. This might sound crazy, but I think 8″ would have made all the difference in the world.

    David did a great job with this article. I like the “hands-on” analysis comparing the sizes. I’ll admit that he’s probably on to something. 10″ is definitely a bit big. Considering the cost for the 64GB model, I would personally prefer to get a small notebook computer. I just checked Newegg and you can get a 11.6″ Acer laptop for $599 – that is less (considerably less than the Wifi+3G 64GB iPad) than the iPad by $100.

    It will be interesting to see how the Playbook sells. Even if it is a complete flop – which I doubt it will be – it will still be a winner for us, the consumer. Why? The new QNX OS will be the future of BlackBerry. I just know it. I hope it’s not too late. We’ve lost a tremendous amount of users to the iPhone and Android devices the past two years. I’ve almost made the move to Android myself and I’m an admitted BlackBerry fan-boy. I see great things with this new OS. It BETTER end up on their phones. If it doesn’t, RIM is even more foolish than I already think they are…

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