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Free Lexulous Scrabble-like Online Multi-Player Game

lexulous I was hooked on the popular WordRival game for a bit with its scrabble-like gameplay but Tashanna introduced me to Lexulous. Lexulous is a similar scrabble clone game which also has an online multiplayer feature. The gameplay is quite fun though the screen tends to be a bit small on non touchscreen devices making the font very small. Hopefully that will be fixed in future versions.

Lexulous comes in both a free LexulousLite and premium $1.99 Lexulous version. It claims to have more than 4 million players worldwide for you to play against which is great because the computer cheats with fake words if you play in single player mode.

Features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Get games going with your BlackBerry friends in an instant.
  • Play with users
  • Access your Lexulous games on Facebook
  • The Solitaire option is a great way to pass time!
  • Play with LEX the robot in one of 3 difficulty modes
  • Play UNLIMITED games simultaneously
  • Supported worldwide, so US and UK users can play with each other

Let us know what you think of Lexulous in the comments and how it compares with WordRival!

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  1. I’m constantly playing this and WorldRival.. Very fun

  2. Cool! The wife and I need to both get this so we can play eachother. Beats hauling out the game board when we play.

  3. Could someone tell me the difference between the premium app and the LexulousLite app? My wife and I play all the time, and I would be willing to pay the $2 if it unlocks some cool features, but I have no idea what the advantage is to the paid version. The only thing I know for sure is that the premium app removes the nag screen when starting the program. If that’s it, it’s not worth the two bucks, I’ll stick with Lite.

    I’ve looked all over the website but couldn’t find an answer. Both the descriptions in AppWorld are virtually word-for-word identical, as are the screenshots. I even e-mailed Lexulous support, and I got a vaguely worded response that in no way answered my question (which makes me suspect that the $2 just removes the nag screen).

    Just wondering if anyone has paid and can tell me. I want to know, but not enough to just blindly pay the $2 to see!

    • I asked support about the difference the first time I knew about this game, like 2 mths ago, and they said the pro doesn’t have the nag screen (screen asking to upgrade) that displays in the lite ver. Other then that I don’t think there’s any difference or new features. But to be certain, you can always email support from w/i the app and they will get back to you.

      • I suspect that the nag screen removal is it, and that’s not worth $2 to me. In fact, I haven’t even been seeing it in the last few weeks, although I don’t know why. It just stopped popping up when I started the game on my Berry.

        I did e-mail support and got a message back, but again the answer was vague and evasive, so I guess that IS my answer right there.

        I just thought someone looking at this article might have actually paid and could tell me if there’s more to it than that – some great features that are only enabled after paying.

  4. How on earth do I get my facebook numeric I’d I’m using my blackberry torch

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