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BlackBerry OS Tops iOS Mobile Internet Usage in the US

Wow I thought this would never happen. Due to the horrible last century browser RIM shipped with all devices until OS 6.0 RIM was always more or less a laggard in the mobile internet usage. I am not sure if the new WebKit browser RIM is shipping with the latest devices has anything to do with the change.

Statcounter usage

According to StatCounter’s report the BlackBerry OS took 34.4% of web usage in November with Apples iOS clocking in at 33% in the US down from 51.9% in November of last year. That is the first time that has happened since the iPhone gained popularity. The Android OS is growing quickly in the US with a 23.8% share up from 8.2% last November. On a global scale these numbers are totally different with Symbian OS in the lead with 31.9% followed by iOS (21.9%), BlackBerry OS (19.3%) and Android (11.6%).

I am kind of curious as to what caused the sudden rise in BlackBerry usage. I don’t know if it would be a dream to think that BlackBerry 6 devices have made such a dent in the last few months. Or it could be the fact that most of these reports are biased against BlackBerrys because browsing goes through RIM’s BIS proxy servers. These results are based on aggregate data from 15 billion page views per month on StatCounters 3 million+ sites.

Should be interesting to see if RIM can keep up the lead. What do you think? You can check out the stats for yourself at this link or below:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile OS Market Share

Thanks Manoj for sending this one in!

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  1. If these programs are unable to detect page views through BIS, this may be the result of more wi-fi devices. Which unlike WebKit would also explain the longer term trend. That said, I can’t claim to really know how their system works…

  2. Maybe WebKit is making a big difference for BlackBerry, but the thing that is interesting about the chart, both US and worldwide, is that iOS is on a year-long downward trend. Android is on an upward trend, but BlackBerry is keeping pace. In this measure of mobile Internet usage, it appears that BB and Android are collectively increasing market share at iOS’ expense.

    • Agreed. It’s surprising that iOS dipped over 50% from last year. When they’re reporting about “iOS,” I wonder if they’re also including the iPad. If so, then the slipping of iOS is even more surprising.

  3. This is indeed a puzzler. Every other report we see says BlackBerry is being trounced by iOS and Android, then this comes out. Did they change the way they count? Or is the BlackBerry Ad Platform gaining momentum? I just find it hard to fathom that considering how few (relatively) BlackBerry 6 devices are out there that this blip can be attributed to those.

  4. I’m intrigued by this myself. Yes, there aren’t a lot of OS 6 devices. Supposedly, all reports say that BlackBerry has been falling backwards. So why the sudden gain? I think they either added new parameters and all reports have been off to begin with, or their reporting tool is messed up. I’m glad to see it, but I just don’t see it being that big of a change.

  5. This is quite a miracle, given that blackberry goes out of it’s way to minimize data usage.

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