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Official ICQ for BlackBerry Client Discontinued by RIM

ICQ for BlackBerry Delete I am not sure how many people are still using ICQ out there but from what I have heard it is still pretty popular internationally. RIM officially announced on their Knowledge Base that as of December 4th, 2010 they will no longer allow users to download the ICQ for BlackBerry app and any current users will find the app no longer works. If you try using the app it will just show:

Version 2.5+: Please visit:
Older Versions: Connection Error (65): Problem receiving data from the server.

RIM is simply recommending that you delete the app and if you still need ICQ access they are pointing you to App World to download it. I guess the population of ICQ for BlackBerry users was not big enough for RIM to justify continued development of the application. Hopefully they will replace it with Facebook chat soon since quite a few users are begging for that. Better yet RIM could just release a straight up Jabber client…

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  1. I’m devastated! 🙂

  2. I never used the services not even on pc

  3. ICQ is not used much, but why break it? Why not just stop work on it, but let it continue to work, for those few that do use it…

  4. Holy Crap! I used this in 1996. I always forget that it’s even still out there. Maybe this is one application that the carriers will now stop pushing to our devices!

  5. I do have a friend whose small company still uses ICQ on their computers for instant communication between co-workers or making announcements. He hates using it.

    But, there are so many different choices now for messaging that putting ICQ on the chopping block probably won’t be too much of a hit to most people. Some don’t even use AIM or MSN anymore. I wonder how many in the younger generations have even heard of ICQ. Just this year, I met someone who had never heard of the Cheers theme song.

    Oh well, too bad. Their app icon is cute.

    • Yeah but those apps use wayyyy more battery that the built in native rim push chat appsy

    • I dont think that loads of people relise that icq is more populare in most places in germany so as the place were i live some people were on icq every day they had a windows live id or hotmail account but didnt even know what msn is and i just bought a blackberry and have no idee how i can even get on icq to communicate with most of my friends can anyone help me??

  6. IM+ is still very good at running ICQ, it is pretty much amazing considering it also has Facebook chat, MSN and a lot of other services.

  7. To all of the other BB users,

    RIM just needs to stop coming out with applications that run the same programs.
    For example. For those who are “Begging” for a Facebook Chat application…
    There already are more than enough ways to access FB Chat.

    Turn your attention to in your mobile browser.

    This is an application released by Meebo specifically for BlackBerry devices.

    1) Simply download the Meebo application directly to your BlackBerry.
    2) Create your Meebo Log In and Password.
    3) You should be prompted to enter the accounts you’d like to set up.
    –(If not, hit the menu button when you are logged in, go down to accounts.)
    4) Start using and enjoy!

    The following accounts can be incorporated with Meebo.

    -Google Talk
    -My Yearbook

    You may also talk to those who have Meebo IM(Obviously).
    Any Meebo powered chat through Social Networking sites may also be added.

    Furthermore. I would also like to inform some of you, there are certain things
    as far as what accounts you set up, that you will have to do from a computer.
    Such as My Yearbook and Facebook. Only because they need special permission.
    And may also prompt you to change a few settings on your accounts.

    Hope this is helpful! Any questions or concerns BBM#: 2260ED46

  8. Well…I’ve long forgotten my password for my ICQ (forgotten like 10 years ago probably) and lost access to the email address where they would send password reset, so I guess I’m not too torn up. 😉

    And yeah, they are still other IM apps that can do ICQ, but like Ronen said they are not so great in the battery consumption realm.

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