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Giveaway: 15 Copies of WhiteSmoke Corrects Your Grammar Style and Spelling Mistakes

We mentioned WhiteSmoke a few days back an application that that aims to change the sloppiness of BlackBerry emails. Their goal is for you to never have to put something like “apologies for the typos” in your BlackBerry email signature. This app is built on WhiteSmoke’s fancy “Natural Language Processing” technology to do grammar checking. It also includes a style checker that offers alternative words and phrases for common stylistic errors as well as a contextual spell checker which distinguishes between thousands of commonly-confused words, like then~than, were~we’re and lets~let’s. WhiteSmoke uses their “patented artificial intelligence algorithms that perform both rule and statistical based analysis of real mistakes users actually make in real life.”

You can pick up WhiteSmoke for $9.99 in App World at this link.

Giveaway: Please leave a comment below for a chance to win one of 15 free copies. Comments must be left before Friday December 3.

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  1. What a great application for the avoidance of ‘thumbos’. Especially if one is using the touch screen.

    I’m curious to see if it works on punctuation as well?

    Please consider me entered if there are still copies to be shared.


  2. Great to have

  3. Sign me up

  4. wow..I’d take a copy because I wouldn’t pay $9.99. 🙂

  5. I would love to wina copy of WhiteSmoke because it would help my grammer so much and thanks allot BerryReview for this giveaway.

  6. Sounds like a great app — very useful. I would love to have this app for free.

  7. I would like to have this piece of application on my phone. Thanks

  8. This would be great app for my torch 😉 count me in

  9. A must have app for everyone! Lord knows some need it more than others. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  10. I’d like this.

  11. Great app to improve my English

  12. Hmm look good me want copie

  13. I’s relly ned this aplicattion becors I’s dont have good gramer!!!!

  14. This would be great to have! My typing on my 9550 can get sloppy at times and I have sent out a few BB emails in my time that I with I would have proofread first! 🙂

  15. I could really use this app too. (spell checked in email)

  16. Neat. I wouldn’t mind having this on by bb

  17. Yes! I am needng this really now. Seriousicously!

    Sorry for the mstakes. Im using a comptuer.

  18. What an app. This is a dream come true. Thanks in advance.

  19. I’m a grammar aficionado wannabe so this would be perfect for my latest obsessions.

  20. this would be great as i do a lot of my school work on my BlackBerry

  21. im in ………..thanks guys

  22. Something I coud use, this is.

  23. I need help with spelling and grammar!

  24. Take one will I – Yoda

  25. Quite expensive…

  26. This would be an interesting & useful app to use – especially if it corrects my grammar (after a few beers)! 😉

  27. I would love a copy. It would speed up my speed emailing/text skills.

  28. Wow! Could this be even better than the default suggestion/dictionary?

  29. Me grammar not so good, so me could use! 😉

  30. I would like to see an app like this in use in my whole company. I personally believe I type quite well on my Torch (I am right now) but my coworkers….

    They have trouble with proper grammar on a desktop with a keyboard. It’s nothing short of appalling on their Blackberries.

  31. Oh please let me win this app. I need it! My grammar is sucks. 🙁

  32. Count me in for one:D

  33. Wow noww I could really use this app!!!

  34. Definitely sounds like a needed capability — it should have been built into the OS.

  35. Seems some of the replies could use the services of this app!

  36. While I think I know how to spell, my typing leaves something to be desired (especially on my BB). This would be great.

  37. The app is very useful. Count me in please!

  38. This would be really cool to have. Especially handy when emailing

  39. What a great giveaway. This is a must have for everyone. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    [email protected]

  40. My wife needs this soooooooo bad.

  41. I for sure wouldn’t pay that sort of money for this, even though perhaps I should! 🙂 But a free copy, now that would be sweet.

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