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UberTwitter Graduates Out of Beta with Version 1.0 Release

UberTwitter out of beta UberTwitter decided to get out of the never ending beta cycle made popular by Gmail and release v1.0 of their Twitter client. There are revolutionary updates in this 1.0 version but it does bring some nice new features including:

  • Rich Facebook Posting – Optionally post your tweets directly to Facebook from your device. Pictures and location show up in your stream as rich media previews.
  • Pro – You asked and we delivered, now you can configure your own Pro account and track your own URL shortened links and take advantage of the advanced features that provides including the use of custom shortened URLs of your choosing.
  • Dismissible Ads – For those of you on touch screen devices with the Ad supported version, you can dismiss the ad at the bottom of the screen to give you more screen space.

I found it kind of funny that UberTwitter was charging a $4.99/year subscription for a beta product but that has started to become normal. Still there is both a free ad supported version and paid $4.99/year version so there is something for everybody. You can pick up the latest UberTwitter v1.0 at this link on their website or read more at

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  1. It WAS getting a bit ridiculous how long this app has been in “beta” pre-1.0 version numbering. But on the flip side, you get some apps that launch what SHOULD have been an “alpha” as a 1.0, and by the time they really have a stable app they’re at 5.0 or 6.0. Oh well, I guess version numbers don’t mean much to non ISO compliant app developers.

  2. I always liked Ubertwitter, but I leaned towards SocialScope for FB and Foursquare and multi twitter accounts. Glad to see they made it out to non-beta.

  3. UberTwitter is still my preferred Twitter app for BlackBerry due to its high level of font size choices, etc.

    SocialScope is great, but I feel like I can get more info on my 9700’s screen with UT.

  4. Has anyone else noticed this new version of the app is WAY slower – I really want to find a way to either downgrade it to the older (beta) version.
    I’m using the free version so I think what’s causing it is those new ads…even if you dismiss them (instead of clicking them by accident as happnes 1/2 the time) they come right back anyway!
    The only thing for me that I liked about this update is the integration…although I don’t have a pro account I do have an account with an API key & login…could that be what is causing it to slow down? I doubt it because it doesn’t go uberslow & just hang when I try to shorten a link it happens all the time!

    • To me the last two versions (1 beta and now this one) have been very slow. But then again I also noticed it on BLAQ when it was released.

      • Yeah, slowness is the reason why I uninstalled UberTwitter and went back to RIM’s Twitter app. HootSuite was even slower for me. I’m pretty happy with RIM’s Twitter even though it’s not as customizable or as pretty as UT. And, no ads either.

  5. I am seriously considering switching clients. UberTwitter has been the be all & end all for a while but with this new version it is REALLY turning me off…anyone know if it is possible to downgrade to the last beta version?

  6. Hey guys you should go back in App World and download again. There’s a v1.01 upgrade supposed to be out that fixes the freezing bug.

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