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BlackBerry Empathy Concept Phone is Plain Creepy…

empathy5 empathy3

The Empathy concept phone is a brainchild of a project RIM sponsored at the Art Center College of Design. The design of the phone is pretty slick if RIM could pull something like that off but I would never want to drop it… On the other hand the concept behind the phone is really odd. The idea is that it is supposed to “detect emotional data” through some magic ring and show both your emotions and your contacts and social graph.

empathy empathy10

Here is how the designers Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon describe the interface:

It is of course touch based and all the user’s connections are shown graphically so you can see who is connected to whom. Each contact has an avatar that is encompassed by two colored rings. The inner colored ring shows the contact’s previous emotional state, and the outer ring represents the contact’s current emotional state. It is important to show the shift in emotions in order to see how an event has affected that contact.

Another important feature that we felt was important was the “Emotional Health Chart”. This chart would monitor the user’s emotional health through an indefinite period of time. One would be able to see how a certain event, or phone call/ message has affected the user. Obviously, if the chart shows someone is always upset, there would be a problem… If permitted, a user would be able to view other user’s charts as well.


The issue I have with the concept is that I have never heard of any smartphone user anywhere saying “I wish my smartphone knew how I felt!” It just seems like a solution looking for a problem. My concept phone for RIM has a 1 week long battery and a does away with spinning hourglasses. On the other hand I really do like the circular context menu. That would be cool on my Torch and much more useful than these useless action menus.

I am not sure what to make of the Empathy but let us know what you think in the comments after you watch the video below or check out more shots and mock ups at Yanko Design.

via Engadget

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  1. Now.. how about the weight of it?

    Would be interesting to see how it will play out though

  2. Does it come in green? Superman is in the cubicle next to mine and he’s a loud talker. I need something to shut him up.

  3. Looks like a pebble from outerspace, something the aliens left behind


  4. (This may be a duplicate- got a parser error on last submit) I’ve been thinking about implementing a circular menu system for touchscreens for a while now; it’s something that’s been around in game interfaces forever, but has potential beyond that in touchscreen form. Unfortunately, it can only be done on a per-application basis. This would make for an overall worse experience, since it’s inconsistent with every other app…

    Maybe themes have some control over the new action menu appearance?

  5. I want one! It looks like a control rod for either the Fortress of Solitude or the Sleestak spaceship!

  6. Do you think that this phone would sense your “pissed off-ness” and spontaneously combust when you get the dreaded hourglass or when it’s slow to respond? Just curious.

    I like the look of the phone. It’s hot!

  7. I think the concept is ridiculous and unnecessary. I also think the phone looks kind of ugly and unwieldy. Of course, to each his own.

  8. Man..that is one FUGLY device…

  9. Holy cow! What an ugly phone!

  10. Like its any uglier than the Style!?! Lol

  11. One thing’s for sure. Otterbox and Zagg would have one heck of a time making a case and skin for it.

    Also, what’s with the pointy ends? Blunt force trauma just waiting to happen.

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