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RIM Officially Details How To Clear BlackBerry App World Cache

One of the annoying “Features” in App World is that it caches content on your device. That means there may be newer content on the App World servers but RIM is trying to be so miserly with data usage that they did not setup a cache control header or perform a regular cache check.

Instead we have had to tell readers to perform a simple yet hidden set of commands on their BlackBerry to clear the App World cache to make sure readers are seeing the latest available data and available versions. RIM has acknowledged this cache clear command but Derik let m know that they have now posted it on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base making it official in my book. Still would it kill them to just add a “Clear Cache” menu button or better yet implement a better way to cache dynamic content?

RIM’s official BlackBerry App World cache clearing directions are below:

Warning: The following procedure will clear any cache data that BlackBerry App World stores on the BlackBerry smartphone and may remove any applications that have been archived to a media card.

For smartphones that use the SureType input method or are equipped with a QWERTY keyboard:

  1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
  2. While pressing and holding the ALT key, type RST.

For smartphones in the BlackBerry® Storm™ Series, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
  2. Ensure the smartphone is being held in the landscape position.
  3. Activate the onscreen keyboard.
  4. Press and hold the "!?123" button until it locks.
  5. Type the following characters in sequence: 34(

BlackBerry App World will close automatically and the smartphone may become unresponsive for a few moments while the cache data is cleared. This process may take several seconds, depending on how much storage space is freed. The next time BlackBerry App World is launched, logging into My World using a BlackBerry® ID will result in the applications list being refreshed, allowing archived applications to be redownloaded if desired.

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  1. Yes it’s sad that this has been known for a year but nothing ever gets announced by them.

    And darn those touch screen users. Having to have a more difficult way to get a refresh 😉

  2. uh ya that doesn’t work on my storm…nice try tho!

  3. Really ticked me off the other day, and it was for a RIM app at that! I KNEW there was a new BlackBerry Traffic out but I hadn’t been travelling so I hadn’t bother to upgrade. I jump in the car to head off for Thanksgiving and what do you know Traffic gives me data errors saying that it can’t connect to servers. So I hop into App World and seek the upgrade (figuring my older version had been sunsetted from connecting) and nothing I did could get a newer Traffic to download and install. It would offer the same version I had, asking if I wanted to overwrite my version with the same exact version. Did that and still nothing. So I just give up. About 3 hours into my 5 hour drive I get an App World notification in my Inbox saying there was an upgrade available for BlackBerry Traffic. Lo and behold a newer version downloads, installs, and works. And I had plenty of time to do that since I was sitting in a traffic jam I COULD have avoided. Grrrrrr……

    Disconnects like this push people to other platforms…

  4. You are all getting wound up for nout guys. Go into App World > My App World > BB Key > Refresh List. This feature has been in App World for ATLEAST 2 Months.

    • Hey Mark,
      I think you may have misunderstood. That “Refresh List” option just updates your list of apps installed not the cache App World stores of apps you have not installed. This little shortcut clears out the App World catalog cache and fetches it again from RIM’s servers. You can tell the difference because this way requires the app to close and reopen.

  5. Ronen.

    My mistake, I apologize.


  6. So didnt work.

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