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Holiday Gift Guide For the Gadget Lover

The holidays are just around the corner and I know most guys and female gadget lovers can’t get enough gadgets to play with there a grown persons toys. BlackBerry users tend to be gadget savvy people  and some of the gadgets I am going to list may not be BlackBerry related but they do make for a cool gift.   Some of this devices make good gifts for those who find themselves on the road or travel often.

IDAPT i4 Universal Desktop Charger

100_7711This device is perfect for those that have more than one device including BlackBerry, Iphone, Ipod, or android devices the Idatp i4 universar charger can solve your charging needs. The universal charges allows you to charge three different devices at once  or four with the extra USB port.  Included are six interchangeable adapters a Mini and Micro USB perfect for BlackBerry devices, one adapter for Sony Ericson, one for Iphone, Samsung 4, and Nokia 2.  With this device I can charge multiple devices and if my non BlackBerry friends come over they can also charge their device while I charge my BlackBerry devices. This charger allows me to keep my device by my bedside table and not have to worry about a clutter table with many cables.


  • Simultaneously charge four different devices and clear cord clutter with one system
  • Features 3 tip ports and one USB port and LED light indicating charge status
  • Interchangeable “quick release” tip system allows for easy, customizable charging system • Compatible with more than 3,500 brands of mobile devices, including Apple, Nintendo, PSP, Blackberry, Garmin and more •
  • Package includes six of the most popularly used interchangeable tips
  • Available in black, white or silver

Available at:, Price: $59.99

Sample provided for review

Aviiq – Laptop stand

image_10This laptop stand folds into a thing sheet that can be place in your carrying laptop bag anywhere you go and easily assemble into a stand to carry it anywhere on the go.  The laptop stand can be used  in two different angles, stays in place or can easily slide across a table or smooth surface.  The design allows you to place most small to large laptops sizes. Is made out a highly durable light weight aluminum.  There is a gap in between the laptop and the stand for air to flow freely and keep the laptop cool.


  • World’s thinnest stylish laptop stand folds down to ¼” for exceptional storage and portability
  • Provides optimal ergonomic angle that reduces strain on your wrist and allows air to flow underneath, dissipating heat from the laptop thus improving battery life and computing efficiency
  • Designed to improve visibility, decrease screen glare and maximize productivity
  • German-made Hylite patented material provides a flexible weightless solution that is extremely durable
  • Folds flat for easy storage access in any laptop bag with a weight of a mere 5.5 ounces

You can also view a youtube video at this link

Available at:

Price: $79.95

Sample provided for review

Elgato EyeTv Hybrid Turn your PC into an HDTV & Video Recorder

This is a  really cool device it allows you to connect cable or satellite cable to this USB TV receiver and plug it into your computer or laptop. I have a dual monitor set up with my computer one is a flat screen pc monitor and the other is an HDTV with HDMI connected to my pc. The EyeTv hybrid allows me to watch TV while I work on homework, writing post and I can move the screen around to any monitor I choose.  This device works on both PC or MAC.  On windows you can use the windows media center it makes it really easy to set up. Once it is set up you can schedule shows to record, watch live TV and rewind, view TV guide, save and delete recorded shows.

Comes with a remote control, one USB receiver, antenna adapter, and a CD-Rom.


  • Watch, pause & record live TV on a Mac or PC
  • TV tuner stick receives both digital & analog, including HDTV channels
  • Also captures video from sources such as a set-top box or VCR
  • On a Mac, you can edit recordings & export to iTunes for viewing on iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Optional App available to view live TV on iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Comes with infrared remote, EyeTV3 software & video input cable for S-Video & RCA
  • One year free of TV Guide data, with option to renew for only $19.95/year

Available at: or and apple app stores (Cheaper at Amazon)
Price: $149.95

Sample provided for review

Scosche: motorMOUTH II

scosche1Scosche makes some cool accessories and Bluetooth related devices,  this one is for those that tend to use talk on their cellphone while driving, the Socsche motor mount II is a hand free car kit that allows you to hook up your cellphone or pair using your BlackBerry Bluetooth. With this device you can make and receive phone calls or play music from you Ipod or BlackBerry. You need to have an MP3/AUX receiver for this device to work.  I tested this device and works pretty good while making calls or playing music from my BlackBerry.

Features include:

  • Award-winning plug & play Bluetooth handsfree car kit and streaming audio receiver
  • Plugs directly into a vehicle’s MP3/AUX input and streams audio from any A2DP device
  • DSP echo cancellation technology ensures a crystal clear conversation even in noisy cars
  • Scosche provides an aux relocation cable and mount for car owners with auxiliary input located in the center console
  • Ships with Y adapter for users that prefer to directly connect their music

Available at:,  or amazon is priced at $48.00

Price: $79.99
Youtube Video at this link

Sample provided for review

Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale

This is one of my favorite devices a digital scale called the Balanzza Mini luggage Scale, it provides an easy way to measure your luggage weight in kilos or pounds. Easy for any body to use because you don’t have to be super strong to light your luggage and can be carried anywhere you go in your carryon or luggage.  The scale comes with a battery and a strap that holds a weight up to 100 pounds which is way more than what most airlines allow.


  • Allows you to Pack smart & avoid overweight luggage fees at the airport by weighing before you go
  • Avoid having to redistribute belongings at check in counter
  • It’s easy! Strap scale to your luggage, lift using the scale, wait for the beep, set luggage down & read the weight on the digital display
  • Weighs bags up to 100 pounds – measures in pounds or kilograms
  • Slim & compact, it only weighs 3.2 oz – perfect for packing & assisting you on your way back home
  • Requires two CR2032 batteries (included) and comes in two colors: grey or green

Available at: Price: $24.95

or $19.99 at www.Amazon.com3

Sample provided for review

Eclipse Mobile Mouse

IMG-20101028-00139This is an odd and cool looking wireless mouse that allows you to 4-way scrolling with audible click feedback. Scroll up, scroll down, scroll at 45° or even through 360°.
Easy to use with no cleaning required. The mouse is easy to hook up and it comes with a nano-dongle that can be place inside the mouse for carrying anywhere. It uses a battery for power and the power can be turned off from a side button. One of my favorite features is the left side button that allows you to backspace pages using a single click.


  • Uses a ‘nano-dongle’ for an unobtrusive appearance and rock solid connection at all times.
  • flexigrip™, an adjustable back leg which affords flexibility and in hand comfort, allowing you to achieve your preferred optimum glide height.
  • 4 button 2.4GHz wireless; Up to 30ft / 10m range
  • Scroll ball (allows 4 way 360o scrolling)
  • FlexGrip™ two stage height adjustment
  • Nano dongle, storable inside mouse
  • 1600dpi laser
  • Requires Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, Vista or Mac OS X

Purchase at or directly from

Price: $59.99

Coloud: Marvel Comics Headphones

IMG-20101120-00570Whoever grew up watching or reading comics might like this Marvel Comics headphone from Coloud.  The sound on this is great, there not made for noise canceling but to listen to some good sounding music.


  • Comfortable & durable headphones featuring popular Marvel Comics characters
  • Marvel characters printed on glossy material giving a unique feel
  • Adjustable headband provides a perfect fit
  • Features 3.5mm jack for maximum compatibility including iPod
  • Marvel characters include Captain America, Ka-Pow or Wolverine

Price: $40

Review sample provided


Casio EX-H20G With Hybrid GPS Technology

Style: "シャープ80"I recently ordered one of this cameras for work, still waiting on it it just got released this month. We had seen this one at CES they had a prototype. The EX-H20G combines GPS and a hybrid GPS technology that continues to record the GPS location when you lose GPS signal a motion sensor continues to record your location.  Geotagging is gaining some momentum but so far is not accurate specially on the Torch 9800 is miles off and when you are inside a building is hard to get a GPS location. That is where this camera looks promising and the price is reasonable for all the features it offers.

  • 14.1 Megapixels
  • 3.0 Inch LCD (Super Clear)
  • 3X Optical Zoom
  • GPS
  • Premium Auto
  • Dynamic Photo (Play mode only)
  • Panoramic shot

Price: $349.99

You can purchase at or to learn more at this link

Sony Alpha NEX-5A Silver 14.2MP DSLR Camera

21ZdsJVU-iL._AA300_This one is on my Christmas wish list a 14.2MP Sony DSLR camera that takes beautiful pictures. I had a chance to play with one and simply fell in love with it. The camera is lightweight, takes panoramic pictures and full HD 1080/60I movies.


  • 14.2 megapixel resolution
    Delivers excellent picture quality
  • Carl Zeiss 16-24mm zoom lens
    Offers f/22 to f/2.8 aperture
  • 3.0″ TFT TruBlack LCD display
    Enjoy easy focus selection and photo viewing on this tiltable LCD
  • HD video
    Record movies in HD format at up to 1080/60i
  • 8 scene modes
    Compose a variety of shots
  • BRAVIA sync
    Via HDMI port with compatible BRAVIA HDTV
  • Multi-format memory slot
    Compatible with Memory Stick Pro Duo/Pro-HG Duo/Pro-HG HX Duo and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards

Price: $649.00 at Wal-Mart and

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