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Guess What SignalBooster For BlackBerry Does?!?

Signal Booster The latest Optimizer/Booster has made its way into App World and this time it promises that:

If you lose your signal, this app gets it back in one-touch! If your radio reception is bad, get it boosted with SignalBooster!

We know that memory boosters and battery boosters are must have apps for BlackBerry. They manage to make the Top 10 paid apps list in App World every month so somebody has to be buying them. The problem is that they usually don’t “Boost” or “Optimize” anything other than the speed of money transferring from your pocket into their pocket. The thing that blows my mind is that RIM not only doesn’t bother protecting their customers from these scams.

I have spoken to many developers and RIM engineers and they can not think of one thing that these apps could possibly “Boost” or “Optimize”. They just perform unnecessary/redundant calls to the JVM garbage collector and other such nonsense while actually taking up more of your memory, eating your battery, AND in SignalBooster they throw in some snakeoil for free! Don’t get me wrong these booster/optimizer apps are all over other app stores like the Android Market but I really would wish that RIM finally came out and said what they already know. If a simple 100kb app could actually boost or optimize your memory/battery/signal then RIM would have paid MILLIONS of dollars for the app and built it into the BlackBerry OS. The reason they have not is because these apps are worse than useless!

So back to SignalBooster. This app just makes me think that cell phone users did not learn their lesson from the Antenna Booster Sticker scams of yesteryear. I have nothing against S4BB since they make some pretty decent apps but this is just getting ridiculous. Just read the features of SignalBooster:

  • Optimizes BlackBerry radio usage.
  • No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than everything else!
  • No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
  • Instant feedback on radio reception gain.
  • How it works: by clicking the "Boost Signal!" button your voice, data and Internet connections are being reset. The best possible reception is chosen for the new signal and then all your connections come up again automatically. You will see a summary dialog of what just happened and how much performance you gained.

From the description it seems like the app tears down your internet connection and reestablishes it. I could have sworn there was a button for that prominently featured in the BlackBerry menu… Just turn off data services. If you REALLY need an app to do that they you can pick up the FREE Restart Net app from CompactByte.

So what do you think of these Boosters/Optimizers? Personally I am just annoyed at RIM for being a party to selling what amounts to snake oil in App World. What do you think?

Oh and how could I forget? I am waiting for RIM to approve my “Brooklyn Bridge for Sale” app in App World…

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  1. But funny thing is internalz “free up memory” works on my torch.. Hmm..

  2. From one perspective, I guess you could say that RIM NOT doing a “take down” on these sorts of apps speaks volumes. As you say, these things CAN’T really do what they say they do, BUT they apparently make vague enough claims and do just enough towards those claims to be able to keep RIM in “hands off” mode. If there was absolutely 100% no chance that “SignalBooster” could do anything for anyone, I suspect RIM would pull it. Same with the memory boosters, if there was NO possible way they could do something I think they would be pulled. But theses dev’s have found a way to walk a fine line between putting out “honest apps” and “flat out lies apps” such that they tiptoe just enough on the “honest” side to keep the ban-hammer from falling. It’s too bad, because like you said RIM is essentially complicit in letting these dev’s bilk the unsuspecting customers (oh, and take their cut of the App World payment too).

    The thing that bothers me MOST about this subject is that RIM has just started promoting App World with tv ads, etc. And what’s a new BlackBerry user going to do when they see that, install App World, and start looking around? Of course, they’re going to check out the “Top” lists, and see this sort of garbage high up on the list, and they “hey what’s a buck to boost my memory?” and voila another questionably competent app is sold.

    I’m think I’m with you Ronen, I thought RIM was going to do better than this. I had hopes we would get an App World fairly free of the garbage that clutter Android Marketplace and App Store.

    So, do think the proliferation of “garbage apps” is due to RIM lowering the minimum App World price from $2.99 to $.99??? Hmmm…..

  3. Oh hey, forgot to ask…
    So you’ve written this Brooklyn Bridge app. Please, tell me you wrote it in Air so you’re eligible for a free PlayBook…?!?!? 😉

  4. How much is your Brooklyn bridge? Any black Friday sales!!!

  5. I’m submitting a free “memory booster” app to App World this weekend, that does the same thing as the paid ones. (I can’t just charging for one line of code.) Hopefully having a free alternative will help the people who feel it provides some benefit avoid spending money.

    I know how it can seem like it helps – after all, when something tells you it just reclaimed XX MB of memory, and you can see that memory is now free in the system stats, it *must* be doing some good. And I hear a lot of anecdotal comments about how this really speeds things up.

    All that such an app can do is force a garbage collection — and that’s something that the system does on its own when it needs to be done. So I’d love it if somebody took the time to do objective performance benchmarking of common tasks before and after. Maybe there really *is* a difference – and it’s as simple as the RIM GC not running as frequently as it should. But we really can’t know that until the timings/testing are completed, and we don’t just get subjective “it makes my system much faster” replies from those who don’t want to have spent money needlessly.

  6. Is this Woot? I’m in for 3! (or is that 3 extra bars of service?)

  7. Reminds me of those signal booster stickers that help to increase your cell phone signal. And, everyone knows that having NOS decals on your car makes it go faster.

  8. Totally agree. What a scam

  9. There’s also one called Go Voicemail. And for 0.99 it let’s you get your voicemail by hitting one key! Wait, isn’t that the 1 key?? Lol

  10. The only part of this article I disagree with is that you say you “have nothing against S4BB”. This is a company that sells a $5 “Signal Booster”, a $5 “Battery Booster”, and a $5 Flashlight. This is not a company that deserves even the tiniest bit of respect.

  11. I will take that Brooklyn Bridge please, will it JourneyBoost my commute to work?

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