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AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9780 Caught on Camera and Video

ATT BlackBerry Bold 9780

I have been asked by a few readers when AT&T would be releasing the BlackBerry Bold 9780. They are already lagging behind T-Mobile along with quite a few other carriers around the world. I heard rumors that they were waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 stock to dwindle down first before soft launching the 9780. Who knows if that is true but it is consistent with AT&T’s past.

With the launch date for the 9780 still in doubt we now know that AT&T will be getting the 9780 refresh. The device was caught on camera by BerryCN (via BBLeaks) and the PocketBerry team spotted the video below showing off an AT&T branded 9780.

So will you be holding off for the AT&T 9780? Why do you want it over the Torch?

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  1. I don’t see the need for the 9780 if the Torch and 9700 are still out there..but I don’t use AT&T either…so you could ignore my comment 🙂

  2. If I was with AT&T, I would actually pick the 9780 over the Torch. I just really don’t like slider phones at all and I love the traditional BB look of the 9780.

  3. Seriously? Another tiny screen, non-touch clone of the plethora of other outdated BB devices? Who cares anymore RIM? 9700, 9780, 9799, ad nausea… Develop something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S already and stop releasing basically the same device over and over again with new model numbers.

    • This I don’t get. If you want something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S, why not just get the Samsung Galaxy S? Also, I bet if RIM were to release a Galaxy clone, people would still find something wrong with it and complain about how it’s not like the real Galaxy anyway.

      I’m glad that RIM (and Apple, for that matter) are offering something different from all the dozens of Android “clones” out there. Not that I’m bashing Android (I upgraded my parents to the Touch Pro2 and it’s a great phone), but I’m just tired of the “Why can’t BB make something like *this* Android?” complaints. A BB will never be like an Android. Lots of people have come to this revelation and have left BB for Android.

      Some of us do want non-touch phones and prefer a real QWERTY, believe it or not. I dread the day if RIM ever goes 100% touch with all their phones.

  4. After tried it for a couple weeks, I have to say I love it. The new os6 is lovely and everything is a breeze because of the upgraded ram and 3g speeds.

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