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Poll: Do You Use BlackBerry Wi-Fi Media Sync?

BlackBerry Media Sync One of the main features added in BlackBerry 6 with BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 was the ability to sync your music over Wi-Fi. At first I thought I would love this feature until I realized that it required me to use iTunes or Windows Media Player. Personally I was just looking for a way to sync my music folder on my PC to my music folder on my BlackBerry. Nothing more and nothing less.

So I was curious how many of you use Wi-Fi Media Sync with your BlackBerry. I think RIM could make it a much more compelling option if you would also be able to synchronize your device and synchronize your pictures and documents using Wi-Fi but I dream big… 🙂 Hopefully that feature is in the works.

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  1. I use it – when it works. It seems like every third day I need to reset everything in windows media player then restart the entire sync process. Then there was the one time my entire library showed up in duplicate…

    Of course, the DM media tools suck, unfortunately – if you want to be selective in what you configure to sync from DM, good luck. The only practical way to do that is to manage it from the device itself – the DM music selection interface is too lacking.

    Unfortunately my rather large music collection also makes my desktop sync take a loooong time even if I don’t manage media from DM at all. Most of the time it says “Progressing” without giving me any indication of how far it’s gone/has to go (usually about 10 minutes per desktop sync – beyond irritating). When it’s done, it tells me it’s OK to disconnect – but at the same time there’s a little progress bar that shows up in the DM status bar telling me not to disconnect yet. This is good for another five minutes per sync.

    It’s a great idea, but needs just a little polish. And as you suggested – a simple sync with directories would be ideal — I had to start using WMP specifically for this, and it kinda sucks too (not finding half the files in my library at a time…)

  2. iTunes and WMP kills it for me as I use MediaMoney. And with Marc’s comments, DM6’s sync seems unreliable and a hassle. Soti PoCo Pro’s sync works well for me, but it’s $$$.

  3. I would use it, if I could get it to work. After a few hours of playing with settings, restarts and battery pulls, I’m just waiting for an updae.

  4. Haven’t even try it yet & I don’t think I will anytime soon.

  5. I find it far easier to add/remove music from my phone by plugging it in USB. And I can have it do what I want it to do, put the music where I want it to be, etc.

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