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Giveaway: Win One of 3 Custom Gelaskins for your BlackBerry

Gelaskins are an easy and cool way to customize  the look of your BlackBerry.  Usually Ronen doesn’t like using BB cases but he does like putting a Gelaskin on his.   They now support the BlackBerry Torch with custom orders or you can choose from some of the styles they already have, some come with a theme to match it. GelaSkins are removable art prints designed for your device that are easy to apply (think of a sticker) and easy to remove cleanly. You can even customize your own with any image you choose. The coolest thing is that they are easy to apply or remove without any damage to your device of left over residue.

Go to to check it out for yourself browse so me of their existing art designs. The product cost $14.95

Giveaway:  We got 3 Gelaskins to giveaway thanks to Gelaskin so leave us a comment let us know what design or graphic you would put on yours if you win one.  Comments must be left before Sunday Nov 21st.

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  1. I just went to their site and that NYC gelaskin looks badass!!!! I want it!!!!

  2. It would be a really hard decition to pick one… it would be one of the above:
    -I like birds
    -The soundtrack (to my life)
    -Mid market
    -Demon 25


  3. I would love to have a tokidoki skin!!!

  4. Great product… if i win my skin would be the eyes of my son.. he took a picture of himself while playing w/ my BB and all it was, was his eyes and a little piece of his nose.. i’ve used it as my homescreen image ever since… i would make that my skin.


  5. The enamored whale skin looks pretty nice

  6. i think i would go with royal flush for my 8530

  7. There was a nice Canadian Flag one – but I wanna go after the red splash image. That was too awesome to pass up.

  8. Skin my Bold … please!!!

  9. So many good one to choose from but I would choose a customized gel skin of my baby daughter

  10. I would like 1981 by BUA for my 9700

  11. I would like to create a custom skin using a beautiful photo I’ve taken from the top of Blood Mountain in Georgia. Also the American Flag design on their website looks pretty sweet as well.

  12. I really like these! Loose Leaf by Derek Prospero would look great on my 8530! (I am a forester)

  13. No doubt, I would choose Bookshelf by Colin Thompson for my 9700; thanks to BerryReview and Gelaskins!

  14. I took a picture of an aurora a few nights ago. I would use that as my skin

  15. its soooooo niiiice

  16. i would love the royal flush for my 9800!

  17. Well, I recently upgraded my aging 8330 to a 9650 and also offloaded the bill from my personal account to my employer’s. Thankfully, I am as free to modify or run applications as I see fit on their phone as I was my own. If I were to win a GelASkin I would be torn between customizing it with the laughing planet from the Hitchhiker’s Guide and the words, “Don’t Panic” in friendly letters or paying homage to the bill payers and putting my company’s logo on it. Either way it would be an awesome win and this is a great giveaway.

    I could have an otterbox for my device but if I win this skin I’ll forgo the otterbox so I can pimp the GelASkin.

  18. I bought a gelaskin for my Bold 9000 (Bua’s Jazz Trio) and I love it. I have since upgraded to the Torch :-Dand I would LOVE to personalized purple and Gold Lakers themes gelaskin!!!!!!!!!! It would put the finishing touched on my already very handsome Torch!

  19. wholly molly… that picture in the main article totally got my attention. i didnt even read the title of the article. great job there gelaskin

  20. you know i always wanted one of these. i look at them all the time at and i would love to sport a new england patriots skin…..if not the patriots, im sure theres alot of great designs to choose from…….YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST……THANKS BR AND GELASKINS FOR THIS GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I want for my 9700

  22. Nice contest, i will love to win the GelaSkins Swinging DAIM, thanks BR and GelaSkin

  23. I will love to have one for my  Torch, pleaseeeeee

  24. I think I would make a red and black carbon fiber 9700 design

  25. i think NBA Basketball
    count me in

  26. hello kitty

  27. hoping to have O’ Canada for my bold 9700, many thanks!!

  28. Sweet! I’d like the Milky Way as the skins!

  29. Is there any limit on country I have to be in for this?
    If not, count me in! 😀

  30. Great contests – I would get a skin that says “there is hope for humanity” spoken by HAL from 2001 space odyssey. My version…yes I know…but it’s my skin after all!

  31. So many nice ones. I like Landscape XIX, The Phantom, and Boombox.

  32. I like anything from the Marvel Collaboration Series..

  33. I’d like a sosheskaz falls for my blackberry bold 9700

  34. I would choose a Charley Harper creation…Please pick me!!!!!!

  35. so many choices…but Infinite Oz looks pretty cool. But the Golf skin would be pretty awesome when I’m on course with BBGPSGolf.

  36. i’m from india…so i would like a indian tricolors and may be my son somehow

  37. I will put a pic of me and my gal frd on my phone, if i win one =)

  38. It looks cute and colorful. I think it’s adorable. Please let me win. 🙂

  39. These are so cool! I would make one with my daughter on it, or a court scene as i am an attorney!

  40. I could definitely use one of this covers for my bold

  41. Something with fire, some thought for sure

  42. I would love an AC/DC skin.

  43. Sweet! I’ll admit I’ve had my eyes on these for a while! Wouldn’t it be such a pleasure to get one. Especially considering it’s a gift from both the company and the best BlackBerry review website out there!

  44. Dangit…. And I forgot to mention the fact that if I did win it, I would have mine laden with images of the outdoors. I’m an avid hiker who would love to see the outdoors even when I’m indoors, surrounding my closest friend. 🙂

  45. The Gelaskins look great with the matching wallpapers.

  46. “Facade” by Warren Mack would be great for my blackberry 9700…

  47. i wantttttt

  48. Damn, this is what i’ve been looking for. let me get it

  49. Looks great. “Facade” for my 9700.

  50. Tough choice but gotta luv that Jazz.

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