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BlackBerry Traffic App Comes Out Of Beta

94812.pngBlackBerry Traffic has been cooking in RIM’s beta zone for awhile now. Today they announced that BlackBerry Traffic has shed its beta label and is officially launched in App World. The app is pretty useful though it is a one trick pony. Its one trick is that it gives you very accurate ETA’s on when you will reach your destination before you leave. It does this by aggregating crowd-sourced real-time data and/or historical traffic information to accurately predict the duration of the journey for all users.  For areas where no data has been captured through crowd-sourcing, historical traffic data is used to predict the ETA.

Before beginning a trip, you can utilize BlackBerry Traffic to:

  • check ETA on your normal route and share with contacts
  • check for alternate routes
  • get more information on incidents on a chosen route
  • check out local promotions you can take advantage of while en route

Key features of the BlackBerry Traffic app include:

  • A main drive screen that displays ETA in local time, distance and time remaining to reach your destination, and access to controls for view, destination selection, POI search and sharing information with contacts
  • A detailed drive screen that provides a traffic visualization along the current trip
  • Icons indicating incident details along the current route
  • Bing search to locate new POI destinations
  • Ability to share ETAs via SMS, email or PIN with BlackBerry address book contacts or contacts entered manually

BlackBerry Traffic is currently only available in North America and requires OS 4.6+ along with a GPS-enabled device. You can pick up BlackBerry Traffic for free at this link in App World.

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  1. The sad thing is that not much has been added as far as functionality during the app’s FIVE MONTH beta period. Obviously, there is a bit too much “process” in RIM’s software development cycle — a beta program running at this snail-like pace simply loses the interest of its participants. Hopefully, RIM will learn from its mistakes, and future betas (for this app or others) will be interactive and interative.

  2. Kinda funny neither you nor I thought of this app when I dropped in.

    I’ve never been able to figure out though, does the “crowd sourcing” data ONLY come from other folks running the app, or is there some data back-end into which they tap? I know Telenav taps into some source for the traffic and construction and accident and such delays it reports, but BBTraffic?

  3. I’ve been using the beta for a while. I’m not very impressed. The sharing feature is neat. But in actual accuracy, it falls short. One problem I think is a problem that every other ETA prediction has – the inability to predict time spent at traffic lights when driving through the city.
    It’s also very difficult to “argue” with the route they choose. It would be cool if it learned the routes you like to take. I have to ways of going home from work – through the city or on the highway. It will never route me via the highway so it will never tell me what the traffic is like there. I think when all is said and done, your best bet is to just use Google Maps with its traffic.
    I do have fun with the statistics: Max Speed, Average Speed, Stop Time, etc.

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