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RIM Planning On Adding Near Field Communication Chips to BlackBerrys

NFC isis Back in 2009 we know that RIM was testing out a MasterCard PayPass sticker allowing touch payments from your BlackBerry. That never panned out though MasterCard did release a MoneySend app. Now the WSJ is reporting that RIM is planning on adding NFC (Near Field Communication) chips to its BlackBerry phones starting next year. These chips will allow you to pay using your BlackBerry just by tapping it.

This little tidbit falls neatly in line with the new joint venture by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in their newly established Isis partnership for mobile payments. They plan on using NFC tech to power these payments and plan on adding support for features like coupons, discounts, public transit payments, and other addons.

The interesting thing is that Discover is the one providing the technology for running the Isis infrastructure which edges out Visa and Mastercard and Barclaycard US will be issuing the first accounts.

This is all still early but it looks like we will finally be joining the mobile payment world in the US starting in 2011. Hopefully this time it will pan out!

via WSJ via Electronista

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  1. Looks like you will have to protect your phone from thieves now. Once they get your phone, they will spend $500 on cheetos at the gas station. lol.

  2. Japan has had this for years, without iPhone’s or Droid’s or BlackBerry’s. Why it is taking so long to come to the USA is sorta baffling.

    I guess it will sorta be like the old “Mobile Speedpass”, where you could just wave your little fob at the gas pump and fill up, and eventually expanded to buying other stuff there too. Unless this comes with some app that pops up and asks for a PIN or such before authorizing the transaction, seems to ME at least this is one more thing you gotta worry about if you lose your phone (or it’s stolen). Gotta call the credit card company ASAP, probably even before you call your carrier.

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