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Official BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad Comparison Video from RIM!

I am simply speechless… Companies rarely do things like this and this is even more ballsy for a conservative company like RIM. RIM let us know that they have officially posted a BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad comparison video showing off how the PlayBook wipes the floor with the iPad in Web Fidelity. I am simply loving the fact that RIM posted this video and I highly recommend you check it out below:

The video has Matthew running through a series of comparisons between the PlayBook and the iPad (running iOS 3.2.2) comparing:

  • the speed of the PlayBook Browser
  • its support for rich Adobe Flash content
  • and the performance of open web standards like HTML 5 on the PlayBook

Let loose on what you think in the comments! I want to commend Matthew for getting RIM to pull this off. It is about time that RIM stepped up to the plate. The iPad is the dominant tablet in the market with 95% market share so they are going to be compared to it anyways. This is the way to take control of the delivery!

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  1. I would like to see the playbook do websites I might use. Rim show it on hulu, show it playing video from youtube, cbs, fox, etc. Show it on gmail, on facebook (namely games). Show it running web apps. These are the real world tests I want to see.

  2. WOW this just gave me the WOW factor i never been and Apple fan and as i see in the video will never be BlackBerry all the way. i am very excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook.

  3. I’ve been teetering between Galaxy tab and Playbook. I want the Playbook but it depends on the carriers it comes too. Looks hot though!

    • You probably won’t need to wait from any carrier am thinking it will be available without a contract

    • All indications so far have been that “carrier” doesn’t matter. This thing isn’t going to come (at least initially) with any cellular radio. Perhaps this is what the “module cavity” will encompass, you’ll be able to at some point down the line buy a “module” from your carrier of choice and get cellular data connectivity.

  4. The Playbook would be even better if it had the same size display.

  5. Here the BIG thing RIM is not telling you. To get email via your Blackberry Enterprise Server on the playbook, you have to have it connected via a cable to your blackberry. Might as well print out emails to read at my desk.
    PS: I have some other good APPS from Aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

  6. Just love the possibilities of a playbook

  7. just benchmarked the specs of both and even given that the Playbook is much smaller, I would still opt for the Playbook. I’m glad I saw this bc I was going to get an IPAD for the holidays – now I will have to change my game plan. thx much for providing that info – love you guys!

  8. I’m loving the size comparison. Though there’s a lack of external reference in this video other than the guy’s hands, the iPad is looking positively BULKY in comparison.

  9. Hey Ronen buddy! Thought one blog comment deserved another. =D

    Can’t tell you how excited we are to have finally shared this video with you. We feel this comparison really speaks to an overall better web experience on PlayBook (glad you like the term ‘Web Fidelity’).

    @Jimsbag we hear your feedback loud and clear. We’d definitely like to get some of your ideas into a video demo down the road.

    @Luis @Corey although full details on the PlayBook carriers and availability are still to be confirmed, we are excited about its launch and hope to have more information for you soon.

    Douglas from RIM
    @tron / @BlackBerry / @BlackBerryBlog

    • Hey Mr Tron! 🙂

      I am really hoping you have quite a few of these aces up your sleeve. I think this is a great start for a PlayBook launch. Keep up the momentum since we have a few months before launch.

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