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Antair Spam Filter Live Improves on Device Spam Rules

SpamFilterLive Antair practically owns the BlackBerry on device spam market. Their only real competitor is the much cheaper yet not as feature full Advanced Email Spam Filter ($2.99). While I personally recommend trying to block spam before it even reaches your BlackBerry there are some situations where you just do not have that option. That is where Antair’s new Spam Filter Live fits in. It is a subscription service that charges a hefty $4.95/month which I think is pretty crazy but there are not that many alternatives out there. On the other hand for that price you might as well get a free Gmail account and filter your spam through there or get a hosted email account that has Postini.

If you absolutely need to handle spam from your BlackBerry then the new Antair Spam Filter Live adds the following features:

Locale Engine – The new Locale Engine complements the existing Analytical Engine and enables the analysis and prevention of foreign language spam. Many of you have asked us to help with the incessant stream of Cyrillic spam, and we designed the Locale Engine specifically for this purpose.

Email Spoofing Protection – We’ve also had a number of requests from customers to create a way to fight spoofed email spam. Spammers use a technique called email spoofing to send you spam that looks like it was sent from your own email address or from an email address of a personal contact. Historically, this type of spam has been difficult to prevent. Antair Spam Filter Live introduces email spoof protection, allowing you to block this type of spam.

Inbox Control Panel – Antair Spam Filter Live allows you to access many of its features directly from your inbox. If you want to filter a message or view your recently filtered messages, there is no need to locate the Antair Spam Filter icon and launch the application manually – you can accomplish what you need directly from your email application.

User Interface – Antair Spam Filter Live has a completely redesigned and streamlined user interface. Available functionality is now easier to access than ever before, and your filtered spam messages are readily available as soon as the program is started.

Voicemail Attachment Support – Some corporate mail systems forward voicemail messages as email attachments to your inbox. Antair Spam Filter Live has the ability to recognize such messages and prevent them from being filtered as spam, regardless of the contents of the message.

Backup and Restore – We’ve added the ability to back up and restore your Antair Spam Filter Live whitelists, blacklists, and other settings using your BlackBerry SD card. We’ve removed all reliance on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and enabled you to backup and restore data with one click, directly from the application.

Improved Spam Filtering – We’ve drastically improved and streamlined the overall performance of the spam filter. The analytical engine is faster, smarter, and, with the inclusion of the locale engine, the spam filter is now a stronger product.

The new Antair Spam Filter Live is not a free upgrade to their previous Antair Spam Filter 3. If you purchased the latter within the last 6 months you will automatically get 6 months of free Antair Spam Filter Live service after which it will cost $4.95 a month. You can check out the full feature list for Antair Spam Filter Live at

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  1. Man, that does do some cool stuff but $60/year seems awful steep. For that price I get a fully hosted email account with 50g of storage, dual layer spam protection, full SMTP and IMAP support, and much more.

  2. I have 7 email accounts on my BlackBerry and I’ve probably gotten just a few spam in 6 years. How am I so unlucky not to get spam? 😉 I don’t see paying for this when you can go into any version of an email client and mark things as spam in under a second.

    • Very true but they are the only game in town so I decided to mention them even though they are extorting customers.

      • LOL. Well I’m not knocking their product, it just shows how lazy we are as a community that we can’t take the time to go to gmail, yahoo, or hotmail (people still use that right?) to but a check and mark it as spam. This is what entrepreneur is all about, right?

        • Yeah, its about making a buck. But at least the product DOES have some intrinsic value, unlike those who prey on the unsuspecting and gullible with paid “flashlight” and “memory booster” apps.

  3. Love Antair Spam Filter Live.
    Had to change BlackBerry device this week and reloaded. Works perfectly EXCEPT now I receive notification tone alerts when spam is received. Never had this annoying feature on other BlackBerry (same as one replaced (Torch)) or on earlier versions of the spam filter. Needs fixing.

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