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RIM’s Offers Solutions to Common BlackBerry Issues

Troubleshooting Toolkit One of our tipsters let us know about a RIM troubleshooting website I had never seen or heard of before. It can be found at and seems to be targeted towards BlackBerry partners and tech support personnel. The website simply offers a punch down list of the answers to the top BlackBerry support questions. According to RIM:

With this site, you will have access to real-time support that will allow you to identify and resolve the top BlackBerry smartphone customer troubleshooting requests.

There is more content hidden behind a login for customized help but I am not sure exactly how you get such a login. Here are a couple I found very interesting:

Let us know if you spot any other goodies. I like that last one because it is the first time I have seen RIM confirm that Safe Mode is a documented feature. Either way I am surprised RIM does not promote this website more since it blows their horrible “BlackBerry Answers” website out of the water.

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  1. There is one glaring omission.
    How to revert back to push mode once BIS goes into pull mode for an account.
    That’s the single most annoying thing because there is no fix apart from deleting the account and re-creating it.
    I wish RIM would introduce a “push mode” button in BIS or in the OS…

  2. This site looks like something that BlackBerry Tech or Customer Support uses because at the top of most of its topics, it says:


    Try the following actions to resolve the issue. If the issue persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

    Try to duplicate the customer’s issue

    Validate that you understand the symptoms the customer is experiencing. For example, send a test email message from an area with optimal wireless coverage.

    Check for customer error or insufficient customer knowledge

    If the customer does not fully understand how their BlackBerry® smartphone works, you can provide customer education and help the customer understand best usage practices. In this case, no further troubleshooting may be required. For example, has the customer configured their email address with the BlackBerry smartphone?


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