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RIM Updates All Official BlackBerry IM Clients to v2.5.69

Google Talk App World RIM rolled out a quick update today for all of their official IM clients like Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and others. We have no idea what the new version brings but you can pick up the updated version 2.5.69 in App World (once it is updated) or directly at the links below:

Let us know if you spot a change log or anything new. Thanks Adrian for sending this one in!

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  1. to be honest with the new cross platform KIK messenger i don’t even use any of these im clients anymore. even though kik does need to be updated so i can send photos, videos and files i like KIK.

    • You really think that KIK is a replacement for desktop IM clients? The main reason I use Google Talk is to talk to my wife on her PC. Kik cannot do that… It also does not have the 150 members of Gmail.
      Kik = 400,000 members
      GTalk = 150,000,000 members
      Simple math for me 🙂 What do you use Kik for?

      • ok but gtalk/gmail has been out since 2004 gtalk came in 2008 but still have gmail user base to use gtalk. all i am saying is i dont use them anymore, people i i to on a regular bases use smartphones, so we email, text or now kik each other. thats all i am saying.

        • Yeah I agree but I just don’t see a big enough userbase for Kik yet. It is only really useful if your friends all have it which is rarely the case. Its great for one or two friends if you make sure they always have it running. I just like the default functionality that everybody I know has a Gmail account… 🙂

          • Kik is ok but won’t be a truly competitive IM until they add more features. I mean, no avatars, no file sharing, only a handful of smilies = Lame and unattractive. The only thing they’ve got going is the cross platform thing and the fact that the messages are transmitted via phone lines instead of OTA so they’re posted at a lightning fast pace. I’ve heard they’re going to be rolling out more features next year though. We’ll see.

  2. I like Meebo – you get it all in one package (except BBM of course)

    • Dont you miss the tighter integration of the built in clients? I only really use Google Talk so I don’t need the other clients 🙂 So I may not be totally understanding the Multi-IM needs

      • The main problem with the RIM clients so far is disconnect rates, and the app usually does not tell you that you are disconnected. You don’t find out until hours later when you try to send a message and then it fails and signs you out.

        Other times messages sent to you do not auto refresh on device. You have to open the app and sometimes I have to hit “Refresh List”, then I get messages that were sent a while back… This is on the AIM application btw.

        It’s for that reason alone that I’m using Trillian right now… If RIM got their crap together on those major issues then I would use them full time.

        • Yeah, that’s one thing that irks me about AIM. Sometimes it auto-refreshes for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Same goes for disconnection.

          BTW, Kik downloads are now suspended.

  3. Funny. I’m still getting 2.5.63….

  4. Of these, I only have GTalk loaded. But most of the time I’m use BeeJive for communicate

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