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Dream Up The Next BlackBerry…

Problems The lack of any solid rumors on what RIM has up its sleeve for BlackBerrys in 2011 has many of us wondering what is next. I have it on pretty good authority that the current vision is a QNX OS powered BlackBerry but beyond that it is pretty hazy.

I was thinking out loud a bit on Twitter and @hasan1 reminded me of the BB Titan TK1 Concept phone dreamed up by DigitalHomeboy. They actually refreshed the concept recently to the BB Titan TK1.5 with even more to drool over.

I then decided to crowd source my question to all of you. If you had to dream up the BlackBerry that will be released in 2011 what comes to mind? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Check out the concept phone from fujitsu with dual rotating displays that open up from a clamshell. The form factor alone, in a ‘pouchable’ size, lends itself to either swype virtual keyboards or BB real keyboards in the bottom display.

  2. 1 GHz CPU, 4G, Wifi b/g/n, BlueTooth 3.0, Torch like touch-screen and full qwerty keyboard, thinner, longer battery life, QNX OS, amazing integration with the playbook, 8 MP Camera on back and 3.2 MP on front for video call, GPS, I think that’s about it 🙂

  3. Or just upgrade the Torch slider to also let the display rotate, so I can get the keyboard in landscape.

  4. I had a chance to play with a yet to be released Android device with a touch screen about as big as the Torch’s, but a permanent full keyboard. I love the form factor. Had a Torch but sent it back because I hated the slide out keyboard. Really hope the rumored 9900 is that and not just a cheap Torch like everyone thinks.

  5. 1. QNX
    2. Touch Screen 9000
    3. 8 GB App Memory
    4. 8 GB Storage
    5. 8 MP camera /Front and Back Cameras

    • 8 GB App Memory??? As in RAM? That’s overkill for a smartphone. No way in hell a combo of 8MP Front & Back Cameras is at all going to be affordable.

  6. For me it’s not anything too spectacular, but it’s what the competition has already had on the market for some time and RIM fails to acknowledge. If I were able to dream up the next flagship BlackBerry, it would have:

    -9780 form factor
    -Higher resolution screen with capacitive touch
    -Front and rear cameras both at least 8MP
    -1.5GHZ microprocessor
    -8-16GB internal storage
    -A true next gen OS and not a quick theme overlay on top of an aging OS

  7. I want a next generation of the Bold 9000 – same keyboard and form as the original, only a little bit smaller (the size something between the Bold 9000 and the Bold 9650); with trackpad; internal hardware like the 9780 is enough; OS6 would be nice; 2,6 inch NO touch screen

  8. WOW, it sounds like everything said above reflects my BlackBerry TK1.5 Titan concept with the exception to some. Let’s hope RIM is listening as I certainly don’t want to be with the Dell “crowd” moving to Win7’s and Androids.

    BerryReview, thank you for the mention!

  9. As long as it’s got the full QWERTY BB keyboard and trackpad, then it’s all good to me. Yeah, I’m easy. 😉

  10. BlackBerry
    Is the concept phone no other phone comes close to the BlackBerry when it comes to Functionality, form factor and efficiency. Throw in a faster processor,touch/keyboard and QNX and you have the by far the best phone out there.

  11. How about a blackberry that jams any iphone signal within a 3 mile radius. Only way they are gonna make it past 2011 🙂

  12. 1. great battery life
    2. touch + qwerty (maybe in a 8900 form?)
    3. Come with contact pin for dock charge to protect usb as well
    4. light weight
    5. 12 megapixel
    6. better camera (esp macro) + optical zoom (tehee)
    7. a processor trumping rivals
    8. 32gb internal memory + microSD XD support
    9. better battery door (it comes off if u drop it..)

    • Sounds like you want a BlackBerry point-and-shoot camera instead of a smart phone. 😉

      • Well I think that is the way phones are going. They are essentially trying to replace point and shoot cameras for those times when you just don’t want to carry your camera. I have to admit they are getting better and better but still don’t hold a camera to my T1i

        • Oh, I agree and a better camera is a great bonus, but not when it comes with the sacrifice of battery life, physical phone size, and other phone-related characteristics.

  13. 1. great battery life
    2. torch
    3. QNX OS
    4. 7-10 megapixel
    5. double the system memory of the Storm2
    6. front & back cameras (for video conferencing
    7. available on VZW
    8. available during Q1 2011

  14. I am loving the ideas. Personally I think RIM needs to come up with some sweet battery tech that makes BlackBerrys last a whole week without charging :). Thats my dream.

  15. I would love to see at least 3 days battery life without charging, front/rear 8MP cameras, better processor, 60gb internal memory, no touchscreen, and have the form of the 9000 with less bulk(like the 6 million dollar man)

  16. Features I want, not in any particular order:
    1. QNX-based OS
    2. 4″+ Touch Screen (AT LEAST 800×480)
    3. 1 GB App Memory
    4. 8 GB onboard data Storage
    5. 1 MP front camera (that’s PLENTY for video chatting)
    6. 8 MP rear camera with auto-focus and dual-LED flash
    7. 1+ GHz dual core processor
    8. 802.11n wifi and autonomous GPS
    9. LTE with CDMA/EVDO 3G/2G fallback (I don’t care about “global”)
    10. microSDHC support (side-load without having to open covers or pull battery)
    11. slide out full QWERTY keyboard (like a myTouch Slide but with RIM quality keyboard)
    12. FM HD radio receiver

    Okay…so, unrealistic enough? Yeah, I thought so too, but a guy’s gotta dream right? If they built this thing, with today’s battery technology it would probably last about two hours off the charger.

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