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PSA: Men Please Keep Laptops Off Your Lap…

macbook frying an egg I always found that the category name “Laptop” was misleading. I have not owned a laptop in the last 7 years that I could actually safely put on my lap. Some of them were so bad you could fry eggs on the back. That is exactly the point of this PSA. I know that many of you are toting laptops around with your BlackBerry. We always knew there was a bad combination of putting your searing hot laptop right on top of your private parts but now we have a scientific paper in the journal of Fertility and Sterility detailing just how bad it is.

Here is a summary of the findings:

  • Putting a laptop on your lap will fry your gonads which could affect sperm quality
  • There is little you can do other than simply putting the “Laptop” on a table or desk
  • Researchers found that even with a laptop pad under the laptop the 29 young men still had overheating scrotums
  • Within 10-15 minutes the temperature is already beyond what the researchers considered safe but the young men did not feel it
  • There is no solid connection between laptops and infertility but something tells me there will be some soon.

You can read a recount of the study over at Fox News or read the abstract directly from the Journal.

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  1. Hey, this is the new birth control! lol

  2. Ahahaa. I just love that picture!!
    Thank god blackberry do not have such effects!

  3. Wow, thank God I’ve never put my laptop on my lap. My HP is known to have an overheating issue, there’s even a class action lawsuit against HP going on. It gets so hot it has fried thousands of GPU chips…imagine what could have happened to everyone’s jewels…

  4. This might have came too late for me. Oh god

  5. Good thing you are here to warn young men about this awful scourge – a more pressing problem might be how to get all these nerds laid in the first place.

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