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BlackBerry Traffic May “Result in Death, Serious Injury AND Property Damage”

BlackBerry Traffic Safety Warning I have always hated the annoying warning messages when you use most GPS navigation apps. It is a bunch of legalize CYA crap that really does no good. It is kind of like the warning on Superman costumes saying you cannot fly… Imagine if your car stereo played a warning message saying that “failure to pay full attention” may cause accidents. No kidding! I know all of you turn over to the side of the road when they are changing stations or checking your cellphone.

That is why I got a bit of a kick when Eliezer sent over a screenshot of the BlackBerry Traffic app warning splash screen. While most apps warn you that "Serious Injury OR Death" may occur the creative RIM developers/lawyers think that both will occur…

“Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your vehicle may result in death, serious injury AND property damage.”

I am not saying that RIM is wrong but I have yet to understand the purpose of these warnings. They are kind of like EULA agreements when you install software or install a new BlackBerry app for that matter. Does anybody read them? For all I know they say that RIM is allowed to monitor all of your phone calls… What do you think? Have you ever read one of these warning messages and actually changed how you use an app?

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  1. Hahaha! That’s really funny. I have never read past WARNING: on those messages. I scroll as fast as possible down to accept and take my chances that I am one of the few that may NOT cause property damage, serious injury AND die.

  2. Death, serious injury, and property damage in that order? My bet is on the trifecta of property damage, serious injury, and death.

    I also scroll down fast without reading and look for the highlighted “I Accept” button lol.

  3. I think it’s over kill by RIM. Most apps its a small warning and done. With RIM applications and through Beta Zone you have to scroll through to the bottom which can take up to 10 page downs. Really?! Maybe they’ve just been sued so much they just put it on everything. lol.

  4. well i actually am glad they put that in there and i can’t remember if there is a do not show this again option. remember the woman that sued google coz she was stupid to walk on the sideway of a highway! and i think RIM has been sued enough to make sure they don’t spend anymore defending against these nuts.

  5. My TomTom GPS pops up a warning every time I turn it on.
    At least the fine folks at RIM were kind enough to provide a checkbox at the bottom of this warning to uncheck if you don’t want to be warned every single time you fire up the app.

  6. LOL of course I have not let it.

  7. Anyone that needs a warning message like this to enforce some sort of change in behavior probably shouldn’t be using a smartphone in the first place! Maybe not any phone at all, or GPS, or ANY technology. Probably shouldn’t be driving a car either. 😉

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