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Rumor: Entry Level BlackBerry Slider in the Works?

Low end blackberry slider There really are no solid rumors currently on upcoming devices from RIM. This has led to a void causing much speculation on what RIM is planning on doing next. Will it be to upgrade the current line with QNX? A whole new hardware line? Who knows…

The latest rumor to surface via BBLeaks is that RIM might be working on a lower end BlackBerry slider to mimic the Torch. This slider would not have a full QWERTY keyboard and would be smaller and cheaper than the Torch. It would have something like a SureType keyboard or even a T9 keypad like the BlackBerry Pearl 9105. I really couldn’t believe it when RIM first introduced the 9105 with T9 but maybe there is a market for such a low end hybrid slider device.

What do you think? Does that image rendering to the right look like something you would buy? Chances are this rumor will not pan out but it does raise the question of what RIM is up to next…

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  1. Cheaper than $0.01 ?
    he he.

  2. I know overseas has markets for T9, which I could see this working for.

    Not sure about the US though…

  3. Introducing… the BlackBerry Candle 9805? ^^

  4. I think it could be real, guessing it will be a bit longer/taller than the style when closed, gueSsing the screen will be the same resolution as the style. People (a lot more consumers in particular tHat are discouraged by the torch or like the pearl form factor) would like a smaller, lighter torch. And we know all the internals will fit in that form factor.

  5. The Torch is now pretty cheap. I could see this for the asian market. In North America and Europe….maybe not.

  6. This is a loser. Show me a touchscreen STYLE in a tighter form factor, sized more like an old Nokia clam shell, with dual full swiveling displays like that Fuji concept phone, with zero bezel wasted space.

  7. I’d really like to see Blackberry focus less on the hardware and more on improving the OS and usability of their software. Nowadays people want a pretty phone that has a lot of bells and whistles. I think Blackberry is crippling themselves by challenging themselves to keep coming out w/ new devices instead of mindblowing GUI/OS/software experiences.

    • Yeah I am hoping the QNX OS as a foundation will help RIM just focus on creating the interface and bringing back what they were known for. Amazingly easy to use mobile interface. With RIM it was always the small things. I remember trying to use a Windows Mobile phone a few years back and I was blown away that there were no keyboard shortcuts. There was also no way to highlight multiple emails at the same time…

  8. ENTRY LEVEL? Is this a joke. The Blackberry Torch is great compared to previous berries but it’s hardly top of the range. Motorola announced a 2Ghz handset in the works which might even show before the end of the year. I don’t understand why RIM want to go backwards???

  9. … and I don’t really think they DO focus on hardware. Unless reproducing the same handset with minimal differences counts? I know it’s a bit of a rant but they’ve been using the same chip for how long now? I don’t see that as development in hardware. The only advances I’ve noticed are slight increases in memory. Maybe I missed something and if I did, I apologize.

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