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Jim Balsillie Says BlackBerry PlayBook Will Sell for Less Than $500

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 10.30.28 AM I was really hoping RIM would undercut the market with the BlackBerry PlayBook. Back in September I gave my reasoning on why RIM did not announce the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook during their big unveil. They would not want to give away a competitive advantage and open themselves to comparison before the launch.

Bloomberg is reporting that Jim Balsillie went on record during an interview in Korea stating that the PlayBook will sell for under $500 in the first quarter of 2011. He also said that “The product will be very competitively priced” which is enticing. That sub $500 mark is key since the main tablet with 95% market share currently is the iPad which on the low end costs $499. Balsillie also said that RIM is looking to sell the PlayBook through both carriers and retail stores like Target and Best Buy. He also confirmed that South Korea would be one of the first countries to get the PlayBook after the US launch. They will also start selling the Torch in Korea this year or early next year.

The other thing I found to be very interesting is that Balsillie confirmed that the 50% price cut by AT&T has been “hugely good” for sales. “That’s a dream come true,” he said. “New pricing, new promo, right into the holiday season — what can I say? I couldn’t be happier.”

Now that is exactly what you should be hearing from a CEO. So what do you think about these latest developments?

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  1. If they sold for 499… its still below 500… hmm..

  2. Starting to save my pennies! Gotta get one on launch day!

  3. Starting, so…that is to say to get all the bells and whistles you need to fork in how much?

  4. I want the Playbook. The pricing seems to be in a good range. Hopefully it won’t take long for other CDMA carriers to get them.

    On the CEO comments – They should sell the Torch low as most of the inerds is from other devices. So shouldn’t cost much for production. Anything over $99 is going to be a hard selling point for phones since there are so many on the market that are similar and once one is cheaper, it will have the edge.

  5. Cant wait

  6. Sweet, but I want a 3G option not just WiFi.

  7. Just like most BlackBerry products, this baby should rock!!! And if its going to be cheaper than the iPad then it will really kick ass this Xmas season

  8. Yeah I am not sure why carriers would subsidize it… Its not like you need a wireless plan with it on the Wi-Fi models… They don’t subsidize the Wi-Fi iPad they are selling now. When the 3G version comes out that will be a whole other story.

  9. The specs, price, and QNX os are really starting to make the Playbook sound really attractive. It’s too bad RIM couldn’t have it available for this holiday season so that it can go head to head with the iPad, which I believe will sell a boat load this holiday and as it has no true competitors out there.

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