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Have You Ever Seen This Error Message?

I was reading about a very cool new Gameboy classic emulator created in JavaScript and the first thing I had to do was try it on my BlackBerry Torch WebKit browser. Turns out I finally found a website that made the WebKit browser choke…

WebKit Choke2WebKit Choke 

I was not really shocked but it was kind of interesting to see that there is a limit on the size of a web page that you can download through the BlackBerry browser. You will first get an error message saying:

The browser is running low on memory. Try closing some tabs to avoid running out of memory. Click ‘Yes’ if you would like to see this message again.

And then if you click yes (not sure why there is even a yes or no) it will say:

The page you requested could not be loaded; it is too large for the device.

It seems to be somewhere in the 2-3mb range though with all the weird JavaScript going on I have been having a hard time pinpointing the number. Either way I doubt you will be hitting this error on a normal website but now I am curious.

Have you ever seen this error before?

PS: I did manage to get it to work in the end at a lousy and unplayable 5 frames per second. The buttons worked after I turned off the keyboard shortcuts support in the browser options but I could not get the directional pad to work for obvious reasons.

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  1. I’m on a 9700 and see that second message all the time on OS6.

  2. Yes I have seen that error code on my 9700 running I’m impressed with the webkit browser but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I don’t like having to zoom in on every webpage so I can read it.

  3. I also get the second message alot, on any large website…

  4. If you disable javascript in the browser under options the error is never seen and I haven’t found any websites that suffer from disabling javascript.

  5. ive had this error before…never really payed much attention to it, but it does suck

  6. The 2nd one is easy to fix, just disable “embedded media” in the browser’s options

  7. Same thing with me on the 9700 with the leaked I noticed graphic intense websites just choke and closes down the browser completely or when I have too many tabs opened up (still need to get used to tab browsing on my blackberry…love os6)

  8. I had to turn off JavaScript on my 9700 to avoid this error, otherwise large pages would crash the browser without warning and I lost all my tabs. Fortunately most sites seem to work fine without JavaScript enabled, so its not a huge problem, but hopefully RIM fixes this in a later release to at least not crash the browser when it occurs.

  9. I wish I had hopes that any amount of memory or any improvements to the webkit-based browser in BlackBerry 6 were going to offer a long term solution, but I don’t. This seems to me a problem at the fundamental java core of the OS, and is likely to only be cured by a wholesale OS retool (i.e. QNX).

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