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Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 Released With Facebook Places!

facebook-places-2 While RIM has yet to add Facebook chat to their BlackBerry app they just added Facebook Places in v1.9. It is a natural fit to add Facebook Places to the app since it makes it easier to share where you are and what you are doing from your BlackBerry. The new version features the following updates:

Facebook Places

  • Check in, add a Place and tag friends
  • Check in to Facebook Places within a 1.25 mile radius of your  location
  • Select a Place from the available Nearby Places or add a Place if location does not already exist in the Places database
  • Tag a friend upon check in, and include a comment
  • View Places where friends have checked in
  • View Places, “Here Now”, “Nearby” and “Elsewhere”, that friends have checked in to
  • “Like” or add a comment to friends’ check ins
  • Check ins will appear in the News Feed
  • GPS and BB Maps Integration
    • View a map of the location you’re checking in to and get directions to and from friends’ locations. The Places feature uses the BlackBerry smartphone GPS to determine the user’s location. The GPS must be enabled to acquire the location.The map displayed within the Places feature uses the BlackBerry Maps application. Clicking on the map image will launch the BB Maps application


  • Perform a search for People and Pages within the application
  • Find mutual friends and view their profile thumbnails by searching for individuals and pages; send them a friend request, a message or a poke.
  • View pages in the Friends list and News Feed, and elect to become fans of pages
  • Pull Facebook results using the Unified Search application on BlackBerry 6 smartphones

Friends List Update

  • View friends’ profile pictures as well as their Pages from the Friends list.

UI Elements

  • Use the redesigned navigation bar to easily view your own profile, and click on the Search and Message icons
  • Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v1.9 requires BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 or above.

You should be able to find the new version 1.9 of Facebook for BlackBerry in App World but RIM always has trouble pushing it out to everybody at the same time. Keep on refreshing and it should show up. If you want a rundown of the features check out the BlackBerry Insider Blog which has a great writeup.

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  1. Finally posted up here:)

  2. Boo..why places?? I know they are trying to push it, but do people really use it?

  3. I installed via AppWold, but now I can’t find it, even after a reboot. The icon is nowhere to be found. Not in any of my folders. Anyone else run into this?

    • Don’t worry. U can always downgrade. 🙂 I think the post for facebook is still up on this site and links are still fresh for you to download and install 🙂

    • I can not get version to show up! I uninstalled it. Installed the previous 1.8 version. Then AppWorld offered me the upgrade. I upgraded, rebooted, and not the facebook icon which was there is totally disappeared. Seems to be a problem with the new version and OS

  4. Anyone running this on a 9700 running the leaked OS6?

  5. Btw, for those who are unable to see the new update, hold on to alt and press “r”, “s” and “t” in app world.

    App world will close. Open again, update should come in. 🙂

    If not wait a few hours and try the above again

  6. If only they’d add a “confirm” option when you click “like”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve “liked” some stupid news reposting or other crap while trying to scroll or click something near the “like” link on my touchscreen. Unfortunately, it looks like this still isn’t there for this release.

    Too, until I can block all the ridiculous app content from my feed the way I can on the web site, it’s of very limited use anyway.

  7. how can we download it in countries don’t have app world ???

  8. A couple things:

    – I havent tried Places yet through this new app version but in the Settings it has an option “Share My Location With Facebook” and its grayed out…is that a setting I have to play with in Facebook itself?

    – I hate how every time I install a new version of Facebook on my Blackberry it feels the need to put hundreds of birthdays into my Calendar Application even though I have the Connect Your Facebook Account With BlackBerry Calendar Application UNCHECKED. Anyone else have this problem?

    – When will Facebook add EVENTS to the app? Thats the one thing I really want (and I don’t want it in my Calendar Application, cuz that’s ANNOYING!)

    • Aw crap, mine is grayed out, too…I bet it’s another IT policy. Are you on a BES?

    • Scratch that, it’s not a BES thing. Mine was grayed out until I checked in somewhere, at which point I was prompted whether I wanted to allow FaceBook to know where I am. I clicked Yes, and now it is checked (and editable if I want to uncheck it).

    • i had the same problem last nite,myself and my hubby both downloaded the new version together…excited that places was now on BB….his worked straight away…mine is the same as yours.greyed out….
      im on orange network and hes on virgin..
      im wondering if its down to the network supplier…

      what are you on…

      ive emailled orange,but im not holding my breathe…


      • Try this. Worked for me… On the facebook app main page (when u open) the button on the right top corner (looks like a pin) press on it.
        At first, it failed to get my location. What I did was – switch application (hence fb was still running) and went to options -> device -> location settings. I pressed menu and clicked refresh.

        After a few mins, it got my location.
        Now I went back to fb, closed it, re-ran fb. Now, I can share my location!

        Ps: os-.337

      • Opps! I forgot to add:
        Location services should be turned on, while location data and location aiding being turned on will be good. (In the options->device->location settings)

  9. not able to download yet!!

  10. Working fine on my torch .337… 🙂
    Everything migrated itself smoothly

  11. It was about time, works great and I love it!

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