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Galaxy Ring Theme by Walker Themes – 20 Freebies!

Walker Themes let me know about one of their newer themes called Galaxy Ring. Now Torch supported, I was able to give it a test run. As a rule, I like simple styled themes and on Galaxy Ring, the home screen has a rotating dock which took me a little time to get used to. Most people however, seem to have an easier time with more intricate designed themes so I’m gonna pin this down on preference alone. The rest of the theme seemed to work pretty well overall and I do appreciate Walker’s customization throughout. That said, this theme, supporting a variety of BlackBerry devices is selling for $5.99 but Walker was kind enough to give away 20 free copies to our readers. First come, first serve. Just head to our Berryreview Store (links to all theme device versions), select your device and enter coupon code GRNTS11Hd at checkout. Please thank Walker Themes in the comments if you’re one of the lucky ones…also Berryreview would like to give them a BIG THANKS!

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  1. Thanks alot!!!!

  2. Thanks, Walker. Excellent theme! Incredibly smooth and fast, great to look at, nice icon set, icon highlight is stunning. Nice work, and thank you for sharing.

  3. Dang! Not valid anymore. Looked cool.

  4. gone already! 🙁

  5. Gone.. Sigh…

  6. 18 people did not thank Walker Themes.

    • Because the giveaway post did wrong way. Everyone just can grab the free code then downloaded as their like, maybe 1 person can have 3-5 time downloads with it.

  7. berry review should start contesting this themes away im just saying

  8. Yeah, a contest would seem more “fair,” but the way BerryReview (sometimes) does their giveaways is good as it rewards people who closely and quickly follow their blog. It’s frustrating, but I see why. If I had a bunch of free stuff in my pocket, I’d give it to people who make the effort to follow me on a moment’s notice instead of the lazy, drive-by posters who comment and just sit and wait for the goods to come to them. Besides, BerryReview does mix it up sometimes by doing contests in addition to the shotgun giveaways like these. Easier and faster to get something free here compared to like CrackBerry, where you compete with tons of people over the course of a weekend.

    • How about 1 people hit 10 times? It is not fair enough to the others one also the developer. I think the reason of giveaway from developer offer is distributing with average. You can see up there, only 2 thanks hit in. I just saying too 🙂

      • Well,if one person gets 10 copies, then I’m pretty sure he/she will be giving/selling them off to others; therefore, the theme would still be distributed. That one person is just acting as a middleman, that’s all. Also, just because only 2 people said thanks doesn’t mean 2 people got 10 copies each ;-). It just means 18 people did not come back to post lol.
        I think BerryReview should require people to REGISTER for their site in order to get freebies or enter contests. Ahem…

  9. Hey guys,

    Understand that it’s frustrating sometimes to not get the giveaways in time before they run out but the truth is, that usually is the best and most fair way to distribute them. It allows us to thank those readers that follow our site closely. The other option is choosing winners directly, but then since we can’t always keep track to who we gave them away to before, it’s very likely that we pick the same winners over and over. So this seems to be the most fair.

    As an fyi, I have in many cases confirmed with theme developers who do the giveaways that in most cases the themes are used by different people (themers do watch for that) so I don’t think one person is grabbing like 10. I think it’s just a matter of most people not saying ‘thanks’ in the comments.

    Good luck in the future 🙂

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