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WhoopDeDo: Dell Replacing Employee BlackBerrys With Dell Smartphones

Dell Venue Pro Its no surprise that RIM fired back a quick retort to Dell’s public announcement that they will be replacing their employees 25,000 BlackBerrys with Dell manufactured Venue Pro Windows 7 devices. According to the WSJ Senior Corporate Marketing VP Mark Guibert at RIM said:

"We find it highly unlikely that they will actually save any money with this move and far more likely they were looking for a little free publicity,"

I find it really weird that Dell has stuck with BlackBerrys as long as they have. Dell makes their own phones and they were so bad that even their employees did not want them? Or better yet did Dell not think they were appropriate for business? This would be like Microsoft or Apple issuing iPhones or BlackBerrys to their employees.

It is true that Windows Phone 7 actually stands to compete with RIM in the vaunted enterprise market but it is still a work in progress without key features like multitasking, state retention, and copy and paste. I am sure Dell employees will love taking a step back on those features. 🙂

What do you think?

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  1. No surprise there. I think any company would prefer to have employees using their own manufactured phones than a competitor’s. However, making a public announcement out of the transition does look like a publicity grab.

  2. I agree with you on this being no big deal with Dell ditching BB, but what about Citigroup, Bank of America and UBS.

    For Dell this is just a simple business decision, but when major financial firms start looking to allow alternatives this is alarming.

    Not sure if you saw the Bloomberg article give it a read

    • I read the article your talking about. it stated that the above mentioned companies were allowing their employees to choose their own phone (which sounds fair to me). Hopefully, this encourages RIM to up their specs on their new phones and come up with innovative/new features as opposed to just doing refreshes to older phones. It’s Playbook time!

  3. I was actually at Microsoft’s Campus about a year and a half ago, and most employees actually did have BlackBerrys at the time…

    • Yeah I saw that myself. Was funny seeing Microsoft employees without Windoze Mobile 6.5.
      I agree that many companies are looking at alternatives like Citigroup and BofA but most of the companies that have looked at the iPhone and Android devices for secure communications have scoffed and walked away. I think the main reason is because these devices can be jailbroken with such ease. Jailbreaking means that the device has such a severe security vulnerability that you can take TOTAL control of the operating system.
      On the other hand Windows Phone will probably have a pretty solid security baseline like Microsoft did with Windows Mobile 6.5. So they are actually a viable competitor but without multitasking and copy and paste they have taken one step forward and two steps back.

  4. of course Dell is switching them over, it their product they are producing. Microsoft had $ behind it as well thats good advertising on Dell and MS.

  5. Bitter much?

  6. I agree with all. If you are a company that has a product on the market, I would see that market making use of said product. Although I don’t like the phone, I do find their commercials pretty funny.

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