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UPS Manages to Evade You and Still be “Sorry We Missed You”

This is a story I can tell about any of the package delivery companies in the US including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. I could be waiting at home all day for my latest laptop, cellphone, or gadget and Ill walk outside to check and notice the “Sorry we missed you” note. At my old apartment it was even worse with USPS. I once caught the postman and he didn’t even have the package on his truck when he stuck the “Failed Delivery” pink slip in my mailbox. These guys have balls! I always wondered how I always had to go to the post office to pick up packages.

To parody the whole situation some creative artist posted a page from the UPS delivery manual on Reddit via Gizmodo:

Package Ninjas

Have you ever been in that situation? Tell us your best package delivery story!

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  1. I think UPS is actually pretty good – at least from my experience. But USPS is definitely the worst. In our old apartment, my wife would be home all day and I would come home and find the “Sorry we missed you, please come to the most run-down, shady, area of town between the hours of 10:30 and 10:35 when most people are actually working to pick up your package” slip. She said they never so much as knocked on the door.

    • not true…you can pick up anytime the next day or after…any employee caught doing this is written up…remember that if it ever happens again.

  2. FedEx recently was put on my sh*t list because of a package I had delivered from Amazon. The 1st day they attempted to deliver I was home ALL DAY… up until about 5:30pm. Since they hadn’t shown up by then I left and came back to see they got to my house right before 6pm. :/ I called and requested they hold the package there the next day because having someone sit at home all day from 9am to 6pm to wait for a package makes about as much sense as me asking my mom to change the tire on my car. So the next day I drive all the way there (about 20-25 minutes from where I live) only to discover that the driver mistakenly took my package with him. Doh! The only semi-redeeming thing was that the guy @ the FedEx office felt bad for me and gave me the cell phone number to call the delivery guy and he brought it to my place pretty much as soon as I got home. Now I hold on to his number just in case I’m having something else delivered. lol *out pops devil horns*

  3. I’ve never been able to figure out why they seem to not want to make delivery when they are already here. I work from home, so I’m here pretty much all day every day. I have a working doorbell and a working heavy door knocker and they don’t use either. I’ve even put notes on the glass storm door saying “Ring doorbell” or “Knock LOUD please” and then sat inside and WaTCHED them attempt delivery with just a light tap and NEVER bothering to open the storm door and used the knocker. Mind boggling.

  4. Maybe a fake security camera (should run you less than $5) would change the way do business. They would hate to get caught on camera not even bothering to ring the doorbell.

  5. Not me…thankfully…. but,

    a teammate of mine had ordered Oakley’s from their site and they were delivered FedEx and he actually caught the guy LEAVING HIS GARAGE WITH THEM ON! So he confronted the guy as he saw the empty (taped up) package sitting on his garage step.


    Note: He took the glasses back, took the guy’s name and called FedEx and the OPP.

  6. Hahaha. Great article! Love the instruction manual page.

  7. My package was delivered to my neighbour and I received a failed delivery notice. This was when I used ups.
    I was even using a corperate account!

    • ups is not as good as usps…none are perfect…but in 40 years I have only had 1 issue with usps…and several with ups…just my 2cents 🙂

  8. I know that if USPS has a car load, or the parcel is to big to fit
    it stays at the office and a notice is given.
    Other things factor in as well.
    Fedex is a joke all the way, they usually deliver it at the
    wrong address and have done it more then 3Xs.

  9. I think you are full of it. It takes longer to write up a slip then to deliver a package.

  10. Have worked with usps and it is a requirment for them to write up the slip in the vehicle and blow the horn. Watch out for dogs and make sure you watch where you step and not just for holes. Don’t forget they come onto your property then you are responsible for them, usps, ups, fedx and whomever.

  11. I work as a rural carrier for USPS. I would much rather deliver a package than haul it back to the post office. It takes more time to right up the missed delivery slip than it takes to deliver the package. Most of these comments, I have a feeling, are involving city mail carriers. My advice to anyone who gets lots of packages by USPS, put up one of those jumbo mailboxes. We make every effort we can to deliver a package, but if it’s raining, or there are dogs in the yard and no where to leave the package securely, we have no choice but to take it back to the post office, you can always call the number of the post office and ask them to bring it out the next day. We just don’t have these issues where I deliver mail.

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