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BerryReview Rewards Contest! $500 Grand Prize!

HappyCatI have been racking my brain for the last month or so to come up with a better format and prize for our contests. Together with a few friends over beers I came up with (what I think is) a brilliantly simple idea. We will leave it up to our readers, that means YOU, to suggest what you would buy if you win this contest. While we realize that most of you would want the best BlackBerry available some of you may already have the latest BlackBerry compatible with your carrier and want something else. Make sure to leave a comment with what you would buy if you win the $500 prize in our November Rewards Contest.

So here is what you need to know about the rules:

  • The contest is sponsored by the BerryReview Unlocking Store. Your number one choice for BlackBerry unlock codes.
  • To be entered to win all you have to do is continue doing what you do best, contributing to BerryReview.
  • Every comment, forum post, and tip submission you make on BerryReview during the month of November 2010 will be counted as an entry to win. That means every forum post or comment you contribute increases your chances of winning!
  • You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest.
  • The winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of December.
  • The winner will have the choice between a prize suggested in the comments below (maximum $500 cost and subject to availability/viability) or $500 sent via PayPal or Amazon Gift Certificate towards a gift of your own choice.
  • Official rules and conditions apply

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So what are you waiting for? Let us know how you would satisfy your gadget lust with $500 in the comments below!

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  1. A mytouch 4g.

  2. As a part of mony for 9780

  3. Help towards my funds for the 9780. Although the recently leaked OS6 leaked for my 9700 and has breathed new life into it, my 9700 turns 1 year old today and is in need of desperate refresh.

  4. this sounds like a great opportunity to contribue, get informed about blackberry news and at the same time hopefully win 500 bucks… awesomee

  5. 1st I would like to say good idea for a contest. 2nd this how I would use the 500gc:

    I would get my wife off her iphone and get her a BlackBerry 9780, then I would get my 12yr old daughter her BlackBerry 9330, my 5yr old son a BlackBerry 9330 and as for me, I would hold the rest if any until tmobile intorduces the BlackBerry Torch.

  6. I would buy a 2nd Torch just so that my current one wouldn’t get lonely.

    Then I could BBM myself and have my Torches take pictures of each other simultaenously… That would be sweet…

  7. i would buy a new 9650 since I am stuck with a cdma provider

  8. Haha, $500! I would by a bold 9780!

  9. Brilliant idea indeed! I’m torn between 9800 and 9780. I still love my 9700, but not sure how it will perform wit 6.0. My wife desperately needs a new phone, so I guess that would be my priority.

  10. I think I would first buy a new case for my torch. Probably the otterbox commuter. Its pricey so I haven’t gotten it yet for my torch. I would then get a car charger for my torch. I would probably top it all off with a new bluetooth device, maybe a jawbone icon or the new bose bluetooth. That would be sweet.

    Great contest and I love berry review. Best site out there. Better than crackberry!!

  11. Most likely the 9780 or a Playbook!

  12. If I win I would put aside to help contribute to a Playbook. Awesome contest.

  13. I need a new casing for my blackberry devices!!

    Mention playbook too? :)

  14. I’d probably get anything better than my current 8320.

  15. I would get accessories for my  Torch that’s coming next week!

  16. Due to huge changes in my life, I’m starting on version 8.0. I’ve always had a drab gray or black and once daringly a blue BlackBerry. I need something new, so I’d get an unlocked Red BlackBerry 9780 so I can use it with my AT&T plan.

  17. $500,000!!!! Wow i wanna win!

  18. Not sure what I would do with the $500, but I would figure it out.

  19. I would give my Storm2 to my hubby who is let’s say “challenged” when it comes to technology so this would be a great way to nudge him into a whole different learning curve. Then, I would get myself a Torch which would make me very happy and he would be happy having not to hear me nag him to buy me one. Then….I would take his old phone (which is new really) and donate that to phones for soldiers like I always do. And…if I were really a good person like I try to be, I would donate the Torch to phones for soldiers but instead I will just choose to be a guilt ridden spoiled brat instead…so…in retrospect if I don’t win, I would actually be much better off…Wow thanks for not choosing me….wow that felt good whew…I was worried there for sec :)

  20. BlackBerry PlayBook all the way.

  21. I think it’d go towards a playbook since I’m stuck with cdma and can’t get past the 9650 for now (though I love this model).

  22. Without a doubt, a PlayBook. I was about to pull the trigger on the iPad until I started reading all the news about RIM.

  23. I have an old bb 9000 bold and it’s time to change but i don’t have money…so i hope to win….

  24. If I won I’d finally upgrade to an unlocked Blackberry Torch. What a way to ring in the holiday season!

  25. Great ideas so far! Don’t forget you can enter as many times as you like in both the forums and in the comments on any article.
    Check out the forums at

  26. I would say I would use it towards a new BlackBerry device and accessories. I love my Tour 9630, but don’t want to get too far behind. Maybe another carrier will have the Torch by the time this contest is over.

  27. I need my torch!

  28. Playbook absolutel, without a doubt, no questions asked.

  29. I’d like $500 to put in my PlayBook fund thanks!

  30. Thanks for the awesome appreciation, BR!!

  31. Such a great idea…. good luck to all!

    I’m looking for the 9780 baby – or the Torch… will decide, once I win 😉

  32. Hmmm well I think I get a torch. Been stuck using used blackberry first had the 8700 then now a used 8520…would love a new blackberry to post on BerryReview with :) thanks!!

    • I am digging the submissions so far. I think a PlayBook (if available) and/or a Torch is a great idea! At first we were thinking of doing it for a digital camera like the new Canon G12 or something like that but this way you guys can choose what you want.

  33. I will buy BB9780 or Playbook 😀

  34. A new Blackberry playbook with a 1 yr wireless internet package, carrying case and accessory package.

  35. Wow, this is the best contest ever. Good luck everyone, Happy Holidays.

  36. The grand prize winners should be announced later tonight!!! After the huge success of this contest I think we will be running it again this month!

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