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Giveaway: Win One of 10 Smartphone Coasters from New Pc Gadgets

lrg_2This is a pretty cool coaster for those that tend to keep their BlackBerry on their desk at the office or at home. This coasters from New PC Gadgets let you set your sideways or vertical perfect for those that tend to play music on their BlackBerry or if you watch videos on it. We mentioned the coasters a few days back but now we have 10 to giveaway to our readers.

Here is a short description:

This simple, yet elegant stainless steel stand compliments any setting to provide an easily accessible base for your phone. The Smartphone Coaster holds most cell phones and Smartphone’s; including the popular iPhone, Droid, HTC EVO, BlackBerry and dozens more. The Smartphone Coaster is perfect for home, business or anywhere people gather with their phones.

Now instead of just laying your phone down on the table, or keeping it in your pocket, you can stand it up at an easy to view 75 degree angle. Parents can use the Smartphone Coaster to entertain their children with games or movies; professionals attending a business lunch or dinner will love the ability to view text messages and incoming calls faster. Anyone with a phone can benefit from this product.

The coasters sell for $3.99 plus shipping cost at this link

Giveaway details:

To win one for yourself leave us a comment and tell us what you usually use to set your device on? Usually I place mine on top of my notepad on my work desk.  Comments must be left before Monday November 8th.

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  1. i use a pillow haha or a small box
    hope I win

  2. I use any stack of paper that’s lying around. :-/

  3. Usually I use an extra mouse pad at home and at work. This seems to keep things clean and gives it a bit of grip to stay in place. Hard to put use a docking cradle when you are using an Otterbox case, but it helps to protect my Blackberry Torch.

  4. Generally my phone is on a “custom” stand made out of Lays Stax potato crisps.. It gets the job done, but if my window is open, a not that strong of a wind can knock it over since it’s not meant for that sort of thing.

  5. mine usually goes on top of a stack of books by my bed (at night) and on top of a tissue box (at work).

  6. Any and everything.

  7. I have to hold the darn thing most of the time or prop it up against a shoe. Please feel sorry for me 8)

  8. Whatever is dry…

  9. Love to win it ! Usually i use a Body Glove Case where i have the option to use it when i use the Belt Clip but i will be Glad to have Coaster as this would be Permanent.

  10. I usually put my phone on anywhere that’s not dirty. nothing stains my berry! lol i’d love to win this coaster though!

  11. Anything that’s available

  12. custom built cardboard stand….but its falling apart now LOL..time for a new one.

  13. I usually lean my Torch up against a stack of papers on my desk so its at the proper angle for viewing. Nice that the Coaster acheives this in a much more elegant way. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  14. mi piace.. voglio vedere se avete il coraggio di mandarmene uno in italia 🙂

  15. I usually prop my device diagonally against a monitor stand, but this would be much better.

  16. usually try to set it on my laptop

  17. Usually just on the table…

  18. on my table next to my computer

  19. I use different things like: a couple of books, the wall, a speaker, the side of the printer; so you can see I could really use a Coaster, thank you.

  20. On top of a stack of sticky notes.

  21. Lol i made fun of these things so bad when i saw it… then later that night noticed twice that i could use one lol!

  22. I have tried propping my Blackberry on dozens of make-do’s from books, to sunglasses case, an older Blackberry stand, or whatever was on my desk at the time. Nothing seems to work very well, it always slips. 🙁
    A New Pc Gadgets coaster looks like it would to the job excellently well!

  23. On my treadmill while exercising

  24. mine always on safe place
    hope can win…

  25. mine always on table

  26. Somewhere clean, usually a piece of paper or stack of papers

  27. On my desk top.

  28. hey guys,
    i usually put mine on top of a microfiber cloth because i dont want the battery door or the phone itself to scratch. i would love this. i would put it to good use……thanks fellas!!!

  29. i would put this to great use. ive wanted this since you guys posted this for the first time the other day….thanks fellas!!!

  30. it is on my desk, or calculator, or pile of paper, in my pocket, holster, arm of my recliner…but mostly in my hand. very nice and simple design. like my flat wear, would love to have 8 for place settings around the conference table 😀

  31. I’d put it on anything flat, not wet, dirty or burning… LOL

    The 75 deg angle is convenience giving easy look on the phone.

  32. I normally leave it in it’s Sena (corsa) pouch on my desk (yes for those wondering , the iPhone 4 fits perfectly in it even if the pouch is “designed” for the 3GS

  33. this product is awesome. i have a two hour commute from work and I love to watch vids, movies, etc on the bus….this would be perfect for the ride home. love it.

  34. on top of a stack of stickies

  35. I just set it on the desk

  36. I have a whole system rigged up. I’ve stair-cased 4 or 5 post-it packs together with tape right in font of my mouse pad. Holds it up pretty well, except when using the mouse!

  37. Cool. I always use my wall or pencil case as support.

  38. I currently use a cobbled together stand. Parts I found laying around my garage.

    This would let me throw that little monstrosity away!

  39. When I watch videos, I have to either:

    Hold the device with both hands (quite inconvenient when you are in a prone position on the bed. neck hurts quite a lot)

    Prop it agains a pillow.

    When I am at work, I prop it on the base of the LCD computer screen.

    At home, I normally plug the usb to charge the device as well as to connect it to Elertify. I take the rubber case of and use it as a base for my device to stand on while it is supported by the pc cpu tower.


    This sweet angel would sure do a lot of wonders to my BlackBerry experience.

    Thanks so much!

  40. At work, I use an extra mouse pad with the wrist gel hump thing to prop up my BB at a small angle. A ghetto “bed” ftw!

  41. Cool and simple.

  42. Free stand please 🙂

  43. I could really use this!

  44. The coaster looks like it will spill my drink. Oh, well … maybe i can put my Bold on it. :p

  45. I use an extra notepad at work and a book on the bedside stand at home. I used to have a laptop docking stand and there was a perfect spot on the front that provided a great stand for my 9700, but alas, it is no longer.

  46. Right now I lean or balance my 9550 on a book or whatever else I happen to have on my desk at the time. Usually though the phone ends up sliding flat or falling over. Having a stand like this would be absolutely fantastic.

  47. This would do me good. I usually just prop mines up against my cubicle at work.

  48. Usually placed on top of the External Hard drive…!!

  49. I prop my BB up against the jumbled USB wire!

  50. for work desk this would very nice to have. Also @home i can put it on a nice place…why not send me a sample 😉

  51. I could get rid of my business card holder stand.

  52. I hope I win.

  53. I could use one for my desk at work. I only get signal if it is sitting a certain way or angle. Thanks BR!

  54. I could use it to prop up my 9700 by my printing press.

  55. at work, I prop up it up against my 21 inch monitor. the LED function then tells me if I need to look down and get it, and shaosoft’s leave it on lights the entire screen up for select email accounts. The downside of the whole monitor thing is that if my phone is on vibrate, it’ll shake and fall down. hope to win one of these!

  56. I would love to win a coaster! I don’t prop it up..I just put it on the desk, which makes it a pain to always reach for it….it’d be nice if it were propped up 🙂 likewise, it’d be awesome if I could use it to when i’m teaching at the music studio, so I can easily show a student a certain track or quick video (i know a blackberry isn’t the best for video, but still)…


  57. As a student, I usually have on my desk my laptop, textbook, and paper/pencil-pen. I generally have my phone on a tiny portion of free space of my desk (really small desk), but that’s unorganized. If I leave it on my textbook, it’s a hassle to move it everytime i flip pages, and it gets in the way of writing if i move put it on my paper. It’d be awesome to win one of these coasters so I can study in style 🙂

  58. I am constantly chatting on bbm and working on my laptop. it would be so much more convienent to have a stand to place it on while i work so i would not have to pull it off my hip every time it goes off-this happens hundreds of times daily, and is putting wear on my new case. This would be a huge help to me.

  59. Props to new pc for doing this. I would & will really use this. My phone I s always on my notepad as well in my office & some times I lose it amongst the paper work. Lol.

    Something like this will give permanent spot for my bb & be happy & look nice & sexy.

    Cheers for a great giveaway.

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