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Giveaway: Pocket Controller Pro from Soti

BR-Screen shot 2010-10-29 at 8.59.56 PMWe have recently reviewed Pocket Controller Pro from Soti. It allows you to control your Blackberry via USB or Wifi and it is an excellent device management tool. Our friends at Soti are giving away 5 FREE copies of the application and 45 people will get a 20% discount (it brings down the price from $35.95 to $28.76).

All you will have to do is write in the comments below and tell us what would be your uses for this product and how you would use this application in a fun way. Submit your entries before end of November 11th Midnight. We will announce the winners and contact them after the contest is over.

For those of you who are not familiar with Pocket Controller line of products, Pocket Controller allows you to control your handheld device via your desktop. Pocket Controller has evolved quite a lot over the years and it gets better with every release. For a $35.95, you get desktop and handheld components and 1 year of free upgrades.

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  1. wow what a great product! i’d love to win a copy!

  2. i would like a copy so i can have access to my phone from puter … so I can find things alot quicker.. thanks guys for the contest

  3. I am sitting at the computer all day at work, having this app would allow me to bbm my friends while the boss thinks a am working hard, LOL.

  4. This is the solution I’ve been looking for. Hope to win!

  5. wow… this looks like a very useful application. I would use it for managing and filing things like pictures and audio files that I receive but just end up in the default location and also for backing up and managing the device through the PC. Very useful indeed!

  6. I would be “busy” at work while I am messaging my friends. :)

  7. Is this just another ploy to make me look like I’m working? Sign me in!!!

  8. I can see using this at work where the IT people will not install the desktop software making transfer of information difficult.

  9. Would be great since I tend to leave the BB charging during work and with the location of the micro usb connector on the BB Tour, it is pretty cumbersome to use the device while connected.

  10. It would be really nice to be able to dock my phone in the RIM USB charge cradle I have and be able to use my PC keyboard/mouse to control it.

  11. This app will make controlling bb more easier from pc. I can easily manage my lots of mp3s and pictures. Hope I can win a copy. Thank you!

  12. The one thing I find really annoying about my blackberry is trying to transfer pictures from my device memory to the sd card and Im hoping this will be the app that simplifies that!! Also if I can play freddy jump from my desktop that would freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!

  13. Would be a nice way to record videos from the device

  14. Here’s what it needs to do:
    1. Allow you to manipulate your e-mail on your Blackberry from your laptop, ideally over wireless, just as if you were on your Blackberry.
    2. Allow you to attach files that are on your laptop to emails sent from your Blackberry using Pocket Controller.
    3. Allow you to save attachments using Pocket Controller that are on your Blackberry to your laptop.
    4. From your laptop, have a Send To type feature to email a file through your Blackberry.

  15. I would love to win a copy of this AWESOME software. We are not supposed to be on our phones here at work, so I could just have my phone plugged in vi usb and remotely controlling it!!! Plus if I am in the middle of a deep BBM chat but my battery is dying, I can easily access my phone while charging from my laptop. That would just rock.

    And for that “work aspect”, the ability to take screenshots and record video would be priceless. Being able to walk users through setting up our department mail on their devices without having to hand hold each and every one of them would be great.

  16. would like to have it!
    Why ?
    simple and awesome soft to control my bb over a pc… im always on the pc .. working.. amazing tool to integrated my BB and my PC via WIFI

  17. People get grumpy when you look at your phone in a meeting, but hardly mind if you use your laptop. So here’s a solution! I’d love to use it.

  18. Wow I hope to win this for my Torch. Count me in!

  19. What an app!hope to be a lucky winner. Thanks in advance

  20. sounds cool app
    count me in

  21. wow…great app
    hope can win this
    thank you

  22. i would put this to great use. ive wanted this since you guys posted this for the first time the other day….thanks fellas!!!

  23. Control via wifi is certainly awesome. That way I could use my BlackBerry from the desktop while my BlackBerry sits over there being charged. 😀

  24. Cool. Having not tried it, I still believe its kinda over priced. Am I wrong?

  25. Great to have

  26. Wireless file sync! Also, to make the Apple and Android crowd a little jealous… for now. 😉

  27. This sounds brilliant! Let me play! Let me play!

  28. This software isn’t only for recreation for me. It helps me do things for myself. I am a quadriplegic from the neck down and cannot operate my phone myself. I run my computer with a head mouse and DragonDictate software which is the way I am entering this contest. The SOTI controler software lets me do everything that an able-bodied person can. It’s great! Getting freedoms like this for me is for independence and for me to me able to make phone calls. So for me this isn’t just recreation, this is independence! If the judges of this contest request I can get one of my attendants to video of me using it to show you just how valuable this software is to someone in my condition.
    Viktor Zimmerman

  29. This would be cool for therapeutic purposes. Over the years, my thumbs have gotten so much use on my Blackberry, they really look out of place attached to my normal-sized hands. They’re abnormally large. I can thumbwrestle myself when I have both hands shoved in my trouser pockets. It has become an embarrassment whenever I hit the lounges and is quite the unintended icebreaker and conversation piece. Though I can scratch the top of my hand when I make a fist, I really wouldn’t mind losing this faculty– As long as my thumbs go back to normal. This should do the trick!

  30. Sounds cool. I would like to test.

  31. Me? I just want to BBM from a proper keyboard. Two thumbs is just not fast enough.

  32. Hopeeee I win.

  33. Because a cheap netbook + pocket controller cost about the same as a celio redfly. And the netbook can run windows apps too! Plus, it syncs your phone contents! Can save on data plan as well (just browse on bolt browser from the netbook… without additional tethering software).

  34. Oh yea! This software is going to be excellent for me!

    As a person in IT, this is a great way to give mass demonstrations and or video lectures to people who need help. I can go to a room w/ a projector, have a bunch of people who have questions, and just show them what to do or how to do.

    If I can’t get a projector room or people don’t have time for a tutorial, I can just record video tutoril and send it to the people who need help.

    This will be awesome, thanks!!

  35. This is gonna be awesome! at work, i prop my BB up against my monitor, and while i can see messages and stuff, its a pain to pick up, respond, and reprop. This would be EXCELLENT with Leave-it-on and berrybuzz, so once i get a message, i can just alt-tab over and start typing away. Since I spend over 8+ hours on the computer, my fingers can get sore, and thumbing on a blackberry makes it worse. Being able to control via blackberry would just be great and convenient!

  36. As a student, this software would be very handy! With all my stuff going around, I use my computer quite a lot for doing essays/labs, and attempting to collaborate with partners. This software would be fantastic since i could hook my blackberry up, and while typing, respond to a sms, bbm, or email that needs to be responded to, all without taking my eyes off my computer. plus it’ll save my thumbs :)


  37. I’m a music instructor, so i constantly use my computer while the student is playing to use Cakewalk pro audio 9 as an accompinament. It’ll be convenient for me to access my BB very my phone, since my phone has to be a certain place away from my digital piano so it won’t squeak due to frequency mismatches. I would love having to be able to control my phone via the computer, unplug when i go to rehearsals, and plug it back in without touching the BB!

  38. This is such an amazing app to have

  39. It is a pain to stop what you are doing on PC at work to pick up your BB for every text message. With this app, I can see the test and even respond, directly from my PC while my BB is charing. Whoo Hoooo.

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