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Review: Otterbox Commuter Case for the Torch 9800

IMG-20101004-00220Review: Otterbox Torch 9800 Commuter case

Price: $34.95 at or AT&T Stores


The BlackBerry Torch is the first Slide out device from RIM and the form factor I would imagine makes it harder for makers of accessories to work with. I was surprise to see that Otterbox had  a case ready for this device that was made available for purchase through AT&T.

Otterbox sent us two samples of the Commuter cases for the BlackBerry Torch the product is available in either a pink/Black combination or all Black.

Form factor: As I am used to the Otterbox products and like how it makes it feel more secure on your hands it didn’t take me long to get used to the Otterbox Commuter series for the Torch. The device is a bit heavier than my  9700 and feels a bit bigger. The case is made up 3 pieces the silicon skin that goes on the back and hard shell piece that also covers the back side. The third piece is for the top sliding part. It does add some more to the size of the device, if you already feel the 9800 is too big for your liking than this may not be the case for you, but If you are one that likes Otterbox products this should not be a problem for you.

Intallation: The installation process is fairly easy. The first step is to place the silicon skin on the back side, second place the hard shell piece. The third piece should be installed last, make sure you slide out the screen first and then place the bottom side first and then it should snap easily with a slight press at the top end.  When is place on there correctly you should hear a soft click.

Once installed: What I really like about the case is that it makes it really easy to slide out the screen using my thumbs with one hand. The top piece of the case has a smooth spot at the bottom end to place your thumb to use the trackpad but also makes it easier to slide out the screen.  I only dropped the device once so far and the case did it’s job. I heard for some the top piece comes off easily but for me the piece has stayed on when place on there correctly.


  • Good protection
  • Easy to install/Remove
  • Makes it easier to slide out screen
  • Fits on pockets
  • 2 color to choose from


  • For some the device will feel much bigger –Not an issue for me
  • When taking pictures landscape mode I find myself clicking the lock button

Overall the case is well designed specially for the form factor they did a pretty good job at keeping the features and easy access to the device while proving great protection.

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  1. My $0.02 after using one for a week…

    First, do not buy this case at the AT&T store! They will try to charge you $39.99 for it at first. You can get them to come down and meet the price of $34.99, but you have to ask them to and they want to act like they are doing you some big favor! In addition, you get a screen protector with it if you buy it online from Otterbox directly, but you do not get one if you buy it in the AT&T store! Lastly, if your case breaks, like mine did in less than a week, they will refuse to allow you to exchange or return it! That really pissed me off!!

    The front piece of this case, the part that slips on your slider part with the screen, is made from very flimsy plastic, in my opinion. I dropped my phone once, from no higher than maybe 3 feet or so, while getting out of my car and the front piece snapped at the bottom. I expected better from Otterbox!

    The good news is that Otterbox has come through for me on the free replacement!

    But what a hassle…

    After arguing with the AT&T people about why they couldn’t let me return or exchange the product that broke so quickly, it was very refreshing to have the Otterbox representative I emailed with tell me that they would be happy to replace my broken case free of charge! Good on them for such excellent customer service. I hope they decide to start making the front half of this case out of a tougher material.

    In the mean time I’ll wait for my replacement and continue to use the case that, overall, I was very happy with before it broke.

    AT&T Store: BOOOOO!!!

    Otterbox Customer Service: Yaaaay!

    • Yeah AT&T is not known for the best customer service, going to the local one here sucks I rather order stuff online. I usually know their products better than they do.

      Glad to hear it worked out for you in the end.

  2. On the Otterbox site for this product 2 people are saying that they’re having trouble keeping the slider protector on at all (never mind it breaking). Did either of you guys find that to be the ‘case’ 😉

    • If it is bumped hard it will likely come off, I dropped mine the other day and it stayed on but it was on carpet so it probably didn’t hit as hard as if it were to be dropped on a hard surface.

      • In a way doesnt that defeat the purpose? If it falls there is a fair chance it will bounce more than once and when it falls off on that first bounce it is unprotected for bounces #2, #3, and however many more times it hits.

  3. I love otterbox but the commuter case for the torch sucks. My biggest gripe with it is the screen/slider part. Not because it falls off, not because it breaks… Because I can’t type on the keyboard (upper row is hard to hit clean) plus the trackpad is hard to use. I just go naked now and buy new replacement parts. Ohh well.

    • I have to say I haven’t found the case to negatively impact my ability to use the device. Maybe your fingers are a bit bigger than mine. Hard to believe as I’m a 6’2″ guy with huge hands, but you never know. My fingers are pretty skinny..


  4. Yeah, I don’t know why I have an issue with typing with that case on it. Maybe I’m just hypervigilant in my use of my phone because, I by no means have “fat fingers” haha.

  5. The case overall is nice, but when i dropped it my lock button got jammed. And now my phone is possessed because it keeps locking and unlocking when ever it wants. FML

  6. I have the Otterbox Commuter case on my Torch. It’s ok. I am use to the Defender case on my BB 9700, and this has influenced my negative opinion of the Commuter. Have had the Commuter on my Torch for about 3 months. I was taking off the bottom portion of the case with a light push when it broke at the cutout on the side where the headphone jack is.

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