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Giveaway: Picture TimeStamp and imgLite From Toysoft

Image634238927491669708Picture Time Stamps lets you automatically print the current date and time or custom text on each picture taken with the camera or  manually if you don’t want to do it automatically. The app also lets you watermark the pictures with a logo graphic which can be any size and positioned your way.

You have quite a few options that let you save the stamped pictures in a separate folder or chose a different date/time format, text font,  text color, text size and position for printing the date/time or text. The only catch is that the max picture size is 1024×768 and files are put out in JPG format. If the picture is too big it will be automatically resized and you can select the JPG quality for saving.

Picture TimeStamp Features include:

  • Automatically print the text and logo on the picture taken with the Camera app
  • Automatically rotates the picture if taken in different orientation
  • Automatically resize the picture if it is too big
  • Save all pictures to a different folder
  • Control the text font, color, size and position
  • Logo printed can be any size and format can be jpg, png and bmp
  • Optionally delete or keep the original picture
  • Integrates with the System Camera, Media and Files applications
  • You can time and logo stamp and picture using the Media or Files applications
  • On the fly custom text.  You can enter a different custom text whenever you take a new picture
  • Optionally prompt you to stamp the picture

You can pick up Picture TimeStamp for a reasonable $2.99 at this link in the store and the only requirement is OS 5.0+.


Image634238931392025426ToySoft has  released an affordable $1.99 imgLite app that allows users to easily rotating, resize, and crop pictures before sending them out. You can also reduce the file size by controlling the JPG compression along with adding a border to pictures. The app integrates into the media, files, and camera applications letting you select the picture and then use the new menu option “Open with imgLite.”

Features include:

  • Works with BlackBerry OS5 and OS6
  • Very small footprint
  • Integrates with the System Media, Files and Camera applications
  • Resize and Crop pictures in jpg, bmp, gif and png formats
  • Rotate image
  • Saves in JPG format with quality control
  • Allow you save to different folder
  • Crop the current screen.  Perfect when you zoom in on a picture in the Media app
  • Add border to the resized and cropped picture
  • Simple and easy to use

Giveaway Details: We have 25 copies of each application to giveaway, leave us a comment below and we will choose random winners for the applications.  The contest ends Sunday midnight eastern standard time.

Good luck let us know which application you want to be considered for and will do our best to consider you for it.

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  1. Great giveaway!!!

    I’d love a free copy of either. Preference on imgLite. Thanks!

  2. I would like a copy of time stamp ….. thanks guys ….. happy halloween

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  4. This app is great! Great for blackberry fanatics who are always taking pictures on the go!

  5. This sure would come in handy! Good luck!!

  6. I Like both, but prefer to imgLite. Thank you!

  7. Nice giveaway! I wouldn’t mind winning one of these. Thanks!

  8. Excelente! Quiero probar estas aplicaciones gráficas. Saludos.

  9. you can put my name in the hat for this giveway

  10. This looks very useful… Another feature that should have been included among the native OS functions

  11. Yea contest time..Anyone will do

  12. Great Contest, Love Your Contests, I will love to have a copy of these apps, Thanks You Richard

  13. Good luck to @ll and thanks to ToySoft & BR for the comp.

  14. Count me in

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  16. both of these apps look fantastic…i hope i can save 2dls hahaha!!

  17. Thanks for the oportunity

  18. This would be a good set of programs to have for the Blackberry..

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  20. Great to have

  21. Should be awesome.

  22. Sign me up please.. :)

  23. Hope to win

  24. Free copy please :)

  25. I hope I can win the imgLite – thanks for the chance to win!

  26. This looks like a great app. Could really use this with all the pictures I take

  27. sounds great app
    count me in plz

  28. count me in plz
    hope can win this..
    thank you

  29. These are definitely what BlackBerry default media apps lack of! We need these! 😀

  30. Good features. Would like a copy for my BB.

  31. I want one too!

  32. Count me in!!!!!!

  33. Would love a copy if this app!

  34. TimeStamp Please ((=

  35. I would love to win a copy of either of the two. Thx guys

  36. It would be great if developer could also add geotag to the time stamp

  37. nice app…i want timestamp please

  38. Nice apps!! would love to have them on my bold 9700!:) thanks again BerryReview and Toysoft for such giveaways apps!

  39. Great applications!! i hope i’ll be one of the lucky winners to have them both (: thanks again berryreview for such a sweet contest!! gluck to all others (:

  40. count me in for imgLite please. i love to use it on my bold2 9700! Thanks alot berry review

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  43. I would love to win a copy of Picture TimeStamp! I’ve got imgLite and use it often.

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  45. cool app

  46. would love to have imgLite for my blackberry!! thanks again BR and Toysoft for such great contest

  47. Both the Apps are very good and i love to have them Both.

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  49. Would love a copy of picture time stamp.

  50. I’d love to win a copy of either of these!

  51. perfect for my new torch!

  52. I would love to win either of these.

  53. Nice app, i will like to have a copy of ImgLite.

  54. Would love a copy! thanks much

  55. Both these apps from ToySoft have functions that should have been incorporated into the OS itself. I am happy to see developers filling the big gaps we are dealing with every day on our Blackberrys.

    I wish ToySoft could have put *all* functionality into one slimlined product instead of two, but – it much better than nothing :-)

    Keep up the good work

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