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Developer Creates BlackBerry PlayBook Browser in 2.5 Hours

I know that developer tools make or break a platform but this latest story really strikes that point home. BlackBerry developer BBerryGo was disappointed that the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK did not ship with any apps or even a browser so he decided to rectify that situation and create a browser for the PlayBook.

playbook-browser2 playbook-browser1

Blaze over @CrackBerry learned that BBerryGo created the browser you see in these screenshots in about 2.5 hours of work. That is some pretty impressive work in just a few hours. Just to give you an idea of how big of a deal that is just consider how long it took Bolt or Opera Mini to create a working web browser for BlackBerrys. I am sure this app probably has its share of bugs but you can barely create a homescreen shortcut in an hour using the current BlackBerry development tools.

Check out a YouTube video of the browser in action below:

(mobile video link)

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  1. “[…] but you can barely create a homescreen shortcut in an hour using the current BlackBerry development tools.”

    You’ve obviously never tried 😉

    Nevertheless, an impressive story…

  2. Well thats great news :), thank you for sharing, and keep those apps comming!!!

  3. Wow, really? Dear BR, don’t let people who don’t know anything about development write stories like this. They didn’t create a browser, it’s just a shell around the web kit library.

  4. @PDM
    I did create a few homescreen shortcuts. Once you have a template for one you can create another one pretty quick but it took me over 2.5 hours to research and create my first one. On the other hand my experience is more in PHP and C and my last training in Java was in college. 🙂

    I totally understand that they did not create a browser but I was impressed when I first read the story. They just created a wrapper for the WebKit browser. In my mind I am comparing it to how long it would take me to create that same exact wrapper using the current Eclipse plugin for BlackBerry 6. 🙂 Its not ground breaking compared to other development environments since I could do the same thing in a windows app using the IE engine in probably less than an hour. Its just compared to the frustration I have had with BlackBerry development I am happy that weekend projects can exist finally for the BlackBerry!

    Only time will tell if these tools are all that RIM makes them out to be. Personally I HATE flash and AIR. I am much more interested in the underlying C OS that I can hopefully program for directly. My dad worked with QNX extensively in the past and what he was telling me blew me away!

  5. Simply Awesome… My next Gadget is surely the Playbook. Apple I am sorry…you suck…

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