EmacBerry Updates Free Beta LittleBrother and GPSiesConnect Apps

GPSies Matthias let us know that he got around to updating two of EmacBerry’s location based apps this week. The first is LittleBrother which uses very little power to monitor your location based on cellphone towers. You can then select actions to take when you move in and out of a cell tower signal. The second is GPSiesConnect which connects you to the GPSies.com database for GPS tracks for sports and other activities.

What’s new in LittleBrother v0.5.0.5?

  • LittleBrother now supports the definition of up to 50 different Sectors – each Sector can have it’s own recipient (list) and own custom IN- & OUT-Messages.
  • Select a list of CellTowers (from the Local CellTower DB) and define a new Sector from this selection – The IN and OUT Sector calculation will then work on the base of the selected CellTowers.As long as you are connected to one of the CellTowers from the list LittleBrother treat this as IN-Sector as soon as the phone connects to a different CellTower the OUT-of-Sector message will be send to the defined recipient(s).
  • When you realize that an additional CellTower should be added to a CellTowerList based Sector then this CellTower can be added to an existing Sector via the LocalCellTowerDB List (via the #Menu)
  • For CellTowerList based Sectors an overview map could be displayed.
  • Delete a CellTower from a CellTowerList based Sectors at any time.
  • Additional checkbox for Out of Sector-Notifications: Notify after device reboot [OFF by default] – What does this mean? With the new feature to define multiple sectors the possibility that you are outside of one or more of these sectors is quite high. This would mean when you reboot your device (or do a battery pull) that LittleBrother would send to all recipients of these sectors the the Out of Sector-Notification. In order to disable the notification for a sector on a device reboot the checkbox can be unchecked.
  • When displaying a CellTowerLocation via the BlackBerryMaps popup then this map can be ZOOMED-IN [Key: i] and ZOOMED-OUT [Key: o].
  • GUI-Enhancements (like in all other emacberry.com applications: InputFields with Border etc…)

What’s New in GPSiesConnect v0.9

  • Preferred Network selection [AUTO, WiFi, BES, BIS, WAP2, TCP] – Finally GPSies should work with all possible environments (and not only with BES)
  • Complete new internal HTTP-Engine
  • GUI-CleanUp: All input fields will now come with a border. DirectoryChooser will finally show again System Folder for OS5+ devices. Wider row distance when rendering lists on a TouchSceen devices and much more…
  • In general: Most development experience and enhancements I have made over the last year have now found their way also in GPSiesConnect (only a few are still missing – like support for Backup & Restore)

You can find both of the apps on EmacBerry.com at this link. EmacBerry has also updated Iconify to v1.4.8 with BES Proxy server credential support.

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