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RANT! Why Can’t RIM Release an On-Device Backup Utility?

BlackBerry Wireless Update backup One of the things that drives me nuts about the BlackBerry platform is why RIM cannot just release a utility to allow you to backup your device to your memory card. They are going to let you remotely backup some of the device data with the upcoming BlackBerry Protect service but it will not be a full device backup. I remember my Palm OS and Symbian phones could do on device backups almost 10 years ago so I am not sure what RIM’s hang-up is. There have been a few utilities that let you backup emails, tasks, calendars, notes, and other info to your SD card but I have always been waiting for RIM to release such a tool.

I happened to be running a wireless update for my BlackBerry Torch 9800 yesterday and noticed that RIM already has such a utility. When you perform a wireless update your BlackBerry performs an on device backup and then a restore once the OS is updated! Why can’t we just get this same functionality minus the wireless update? Is that asking too much? Most of the development work is practically done already!

It would really solve the problem of most BlackBerry users when they screw up or brick their device if there was a daily backup stored on their SD card. It would then be easy to restore to a set point in time with no data loss. BlackBerry Protect is perfect for a lost or stolen phone but it does not backup your other information like your custom AutoTexts or your password safe. Some of you might say that it would be a security risk to allow for on device backups but I don’t see how it is any different from backups done on a desktop which creates files that are vulnerable to brute force attacks. At the very least just release it and setup an IT policy which lets BES admins block the utility.

What do you think? Would an on device backup utility have saved you from a previous BlackBerry data loss disaster?

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  1. I have a feeling they don’t want .ipd’s being created on external memory cards that are easily removed…

    It would basically be a stupid-easy way to circumvent the entire password lock security unless every single device runs media card encryption (which they won’t).

    • The difference being that your PC would have to be either:
      1) obtained
      2) backdoored

      In order to do anything with an .ipd file (unless you move it elsewhere). But while it’s on the PC, it’s not that easy to do anything with…

      Microsd cards are a bit different… They can be routinely swapped, easily removed.

  2. So these ipd’s on device are somehow less secure than the backup done by wireless update?

    Why not enforce the backup be encrypted?

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