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Free Kik Cross Platform Messenger App Updated

kik_blackberry Kik Messenger is one of the first cross platform instant messaging clients and they just performed a significant update. The messenger app is still available for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android phones for free but they are using new user accounts with this version. When you download this new version it will seem like you have lost your previous Kik contacts but that is just because of the new usernames that they are using. They replaced the hard to remember Kik Codes with usernames. Your current contact list will not appear but as your friends upgrade to the new version you will get a message letting you know ("Your friend _____ has now upgraded…). So eventually you should have the same contact list as before.

The other big change is that they have removed the free SMS capabilities. This is because the app is now available worldwide and they could not offer that service to everybody. Shame but not a deal breaker. The other changes include notification when other users are typing in a chat and fast reliable messaging improvements.

You can pick up the latest version at or learn more about Kik at

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  1. Actually, the new no (outside) sms “kik” is a deal breaker for me, as that particular feature was the only reason I wanted to use the app in the first place, it was also the only feature that trumped its competitors. I already have whatsapp which doesn’t do outside sms & the same goes for ping chat (but ping has group chat). WhatsApp (paid) and Pingchat (free) also have the ability to transfer media while kik currently doesn’t, so why would I want to use an app that doesn’t have groupchat, can’t deliver pics/video/voicenotes and now I can’t sms. Kik seems like it was released a little too early.

  2. Kik has a serious privacy flaw. Kik ties in a person’s username with their email address. Kik then sorts through the person’s addressbook to find potential friends. This is considered a major privacy issue because a user may not want someone that is in their addressbook to know they have a Kik account–but they will because if they have your email address then they also have your Kik username without authorization or adding that person to your friends list. I understand the usefulness of finding other Kik users quite easily but there should be an ability to turn off the feature that searches for other Kik users in your addressbook.

    There’s a reason why Blackberry Messenger allows its users to accept/reject another user before they are able to message them, and that it doesn’t just sift through the user’s address book looking for other potential BBM users.

    I’m going to report this flaw to various privacy organizations focused on Internet privacy policy.

  3. Have to agree with I_heart_NYC on this.

    Did not like the idea of this app after downloading going thru my address book on my phone & automatically searching for kik users. I see how this is good for folks who are “technically challenged” but I would like the option for myself to either accept or reject another kik user before they message me. And also at least give me a prompt if I want the app to search my address book..

    Dont think I’ll be using this app anymore.

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