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Verizon Rolls Out 3G Network Extender – Charges $249 to Improve Reception

Verizon 3G Network extender I have yet to understand how carriers are not subsidizing network extenders. By using these network extenders you are offering to use your internet connection to fix the carriers bad reception and remain their customer. You are also taking a load off of their networks and paying for the backhaul yourself while they still charge you the same rate per minute. Seems kind of ridiculous right?

Well that has not stopped Verizon from rolling out their revamped 3G enabled network extender for a hefty $249 with no monthly fees. You can now help in improving Verizon’s “amazing” network and pay them for the honor.

Up to 6 callers can be using the network extender simultaneously with a seventh channel reserved for E911 calls. You can register up to 50 Verizon phone numbers to use the device but this is where it gets really weird. There are two access settings:

  • Open Access: No restrictions on Verizon Wireless callers
  • Managed Access: Designate Verizon Wireless callers to receive priority access to the Network Extender network. Select as many as 50 Verizon Wireless numbers. Where a compatible cell tower is unavailable, other callers may access the Network Extender when not in use by priority callers. All callers may access the Network Extender for emergency (E911) calls.

The way I read that it means that even when you set it up to the most restrictive managed access there will still be others mooching off of your home broadband connection to make calls? WTF? Unlike AT&T’s MicroCell which restricts users to only your designated friends this lets anybody use up your bandwidth… If that is the case Verizon should definitely be PAYING customers to install these devices. Especially in cases where Verizon is double dipping while customers are already paying for Verizon DSL!

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  1. The model I see for ME to use one of these is:
    A) charge me one time $99 for the box. If I can prove there is insufficient signal in my home, the $99 is refunded.
    B) all calls and bytes that go over this thing don’t count against my plan.
    C) let me restrict to only selected devices

    My broadband already costs me $60/month (20 Mbit cable). I’m willing to let Verizon piggyback on my bandwidth for the backhaul to/from my various Verizon devices, but not without some incentive.

    If course, Verizon sees this from a different perspective. In their addled minds, they are doing us a favor by even allowing these things.

  2. what about the poor shleps like myself that bought this and now there’s an update we are expected to re-purchase again to have better coverage?


  3. Funny how happy I am to see some light shed in this direction. I’m juggling the idea of leaving Verizon entirely and then I read this. Started off great but sharing this with others..? Oh big fail. Great post Ronen.

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