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Poll: Have You Ever Performed a Wireless OS Update?

I finally had a chance to perform a wireless OS update yesterday and was wondering how many of you have also used this feature. When it first came out I thought it could be a game changer for RIM since OS updates are risky business for newbie users and time consuming for power users.

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I have to say it worked like a charm (though it took its sweet time @ ~2 hours) but I wish RIM would loosen up all the restrictions on it. For example, you should be able to update to the latest OS even if it is not released by your carrier. This is true for all BlackBerry OS updates since I have yet to understand why RIM cannot work like Apple and release an OS update to all their users. On top of that RIM should let you upgrade from any OS build to the latest not just from your carriers current OS. I doubt RIM will implement any of these changes but I have to hope… Maybe the upcoming QNX Tablet OS will be a good segue for them since the device will not be locked to a carrier.

So here is the poll:

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  1. You almost have to treat Apple as a special case, since they tend to only work with one carrier per market (or at least in the US). As such, the Apple-released OS update is the update for your carrier.

    A better comparison would be for Android, which I hear is a much bigger and more fragmented mess of carrier control.

    • I agree but I feel that device updates should be like desktop OS updates for a PC that has built in 3G. Think of all of those Windows laptops that carriers are now selling directly. They don’t stop Microsoft from installing updates or upgrading your OS. All they care about is the radio stack and the software that runs that radio stack. RIM has the same model with a different radio stack from the OS. They could just update the OS and leave the radio stack alone…

      • with that being said RIM should just release the updates via their website and channel it by device rather then having att, t-mobile or verizon release the updates on their own.
        But this is not done because each devices frequency is often different and they can’t release a broad update like that. Which essentially is what windows does.

        • Yeah but the BlackBerry OS has nothing to do with the frequency. If you need proof just look at how many people install the later OS from a different carrier and it works just fine. RIM might make some small tweaks to the radio stack for each carrier but that is why I am saying just upgrade the OS and not the radio stack.

          • That’s how a lot of the hybrid’s work. They take a know good carrier radio stack, and add the OS stack from a much newer OS build.

            But I’m with you, it’s ridiculous that we have to wait for the carriers. IMHO, that carriers should have sway over only the radio stack, and any OS update/patch/totally new version/whatever that RIM wants to push out they should be able to do so as long as it doesn’t much with the radio stack. BUT, we all know that RIM doesn’t view us users as their customers, the carriers are their customers, and so they bow at the alter of what the carriers what. This is essentially opposite of Apple, where they treat the end user as their customer, and ATT (or whatever carrier) is just a middleman.

  2. I have never used wireless updates they seem very time consuming and risky as to what could possibly happen with the information on my device. Downloading the update via whatever site its hosted on and then backing up the data and using DM just seems like such a practical way to do it.
    An OS update shouldn’t really be something that is done on the go like sending an email…

  3. I’ve done it once. It was surprisingly painless and smooth.

    I would likely do it again, but I’m usually ahead of Verizon “official” releases with what I’m running on my device, and the wireless update doesn’t work (as I understand it) if your OS isn’t the prior carrier approved version. That could be wrong, but I rarely ever have a Verizon official release on my devices and I don’t ever see the “wireless update available” notification (like the latest round for the Storm and Tour).

  4. Never done one ’cause I can’t (thanks to the restrictions). Here in Europe, almost none of the carriers ever release updates.

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