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Microsoft Built a Bing App for the BlackBerry Storm 9570…

Bing BlackBerry Storm 9570 Rumor still has it that the BlackBerry Storm ?3? 9570 refresh was cancelled but it is amazing to see how far this device made it. If it is cancelled it was cancelled at the last minute and if it is not (as some rumors suggest) then it is/was pretty close to release. The latest piece of evidence was pointed out to me by DavidH which noticed that Microsoft has compiled a binary of the Bing for BlackBerry app for the BlackBerry 9570 at: 

If you don’t have a BlackBerry 6 device you will get an error that you are missing a universal search module which is required for the application to run meaning it needs BlackBerry 6. I tried it on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 and it worked like a charm. David pointed out that this finding can possibly mean that the device will still launch as Microsoft wouldn’t have made or be hosting this app if it wasn’t planning to support the device. Verizon Wireless and Microsoft are pretty cozy when it comes to putting Bing on their handsets so it would be no wonder that they would be making sure it launches with a Bing client. This build is made for a touch screen and requires OS 6 so there really is no use for it without a BlackBerry 6 powered Storm which is what the 9570 was supposed to be…

What do you think? Could this possibly be a pump fake by Verizon and RIM?

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  1. Hmm, hoping this works better than GMM… GMM has some gps issues, I always get my location within 1400-1600m….

    • I have that same problem! It will just hang on cell tower triangulation instead of switching to GPS or say location unavailable. Btw this is only after GMM freezes for a minimum 10 seconds at launch… That app has really gone downhill as they added more unnecessary but cool features.

      • GMM works perfectly fine on my Tour and my Storm. Kinda ironic, Verizon held back real GPS on the BlackBerry smartphones FOREVER, yet know that it’s allowed I see more people with GSM BlackBerry complaining about GPS issues than I see CDMA complaints.

        • Quite positive it’s not a carrier restriction. Other non-carrier apps work perfectly fine with gps, like Waze, BBMaps, etc.

          The 9800 is running a highly different OS version than the Tour and Storm.

  2. Bah, it’s broke on the Torch. It relies on surepress click events, so you can only highlight items and can’t actually select them…

    Guess we get to wait forever for a GMM update which may or may not fix anything. Luckily I use Waze for turn by turn at least, which the GPS works.

  3. Ah the plot thickens….

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